spiritual warrior


Spirit has a wonderful message today about our path… where we have been, what we have survived and where we are now. By changing our thoughts we change our lives. What we believe, becomes our reality… stop thinking that you and your life is broken.

Many Blessings,

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Daily Insight – The Spiritual Warrior

By the sounds of it you might envision a spiritual warrior as someone in full battle armor fighting battles of all sorts in some spiritual way or even a spiritual realm… which would be correct except that the armor isn’t a tin suit.

Spiritual armor is knowledge, love and acceptance. The tools of a spiritual warrior are the same. The realm in which they fight is within themselves.

A spiritual warrior will fight battles daily, not to save the world as a whole, but to save their own personal bit of the world in which they live which may be as small or as large and wide as they wish to reach. Now don’t take this wrong.. I’m not saying that they are focused only on themselves. Spiritual warriors walk many paths and work in many ways to help the world as a whole… but the real battles are within. Working daily to improve themselves, with hopes to reach the highest level of spirit that they can achieve in this lifetime.

A spiritual warrior knows that the more they know and the stronger they are at their own core of being, the more they are able to help others. The battle never ends… there is no finale of fireworks and certificates to be handed out. There is only the realm of living that is after this. With each realm their task is to become better than the one before. To live in harmony with oneself, with nature and the world that sustains us.

Many Blessings,