Nothing More Than a Memory

holly sketchI don’t know why, but I started to think about when we pass and then began to think of my own passing and what would be left behind. This is what I came up with in that moment of reflection.

Nothing More Than a Memory

One day I’ll be gone from this Earthly place
Leaving nothing more than a memory to trace.

A glance from your eyes to mine
Something I hope lingers lovingly in your mind.

My mark, I’ve left on many a canvas
Now only memories left to dissolve softly into the blackness.

My words fading from the paper where they were once wrote
Leaving behind only a handful of mindful quotes.

My scent only a few knew, no longer lingering around
My laughter, no longer making a sound.

No projects left to craft
No more designs left to draft.

My love, I hope stays with you til the end of all time
Remember me dearly with a bit of  rhyme.

One day I’ll be gone from this Earthly place
Leaving nothing more than a memory to trace.

Many Blessings,

The Importance of Living

There is beauty even in the process of dying …
after all, once born, we are all headed toward death.
It does not take away from our living, it only enhances it’s importance.
Many Blessings,


lone leafThere are many kinds of loss, some that are obvious and others that may not be so obvious to most. With loss comes a time of mourning. No matter the size, context or extent of loss we must allow our selves that time to heal.

The obvious types of loss are associated with the death of people and pets but death can visit us in many ways.

Other not so obvious types of loss:
Death of a job – losing a job can be devastating in more ways than just financial.

Death of a job title – When we are stripped of our job titles (large or small) a piece of us
goes with that title… especially if you took pride in your job.

Loss of a friendship – It is always sad to lose a friend in any way. Someone you trusted, cared for and loved, now not a part of your life.

Loss of an aspect of self  – We grow and we change and with that change often certain aspects  of who we are at one time or another must die so that new growth can take place.

Loss of a home – This happens even when we choose to move. The place we called home .. rather it be for years or months.. this was once a safe place for us and moving on can have more of an impact than you might realize.

This list could go on and on. When something has been a part of your life for any amount of time and then it is no longer with you …. mourning may set in without your realizing that is what is going on. Allow yourself time to heal from this loss. It may seem a bit silly to mourn something such as a job title or position ….  or silly to mourn a home you only lived in for a short time.. but it happens. When we make a connection and then that connection becomes broken… then a time of healing needs to take place to fill the void and loss of that connection.

Many Blessings,

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Another Day of Beauty

I stepped outside for a moment to take a break from work and as I stood there with the cool autumn breeze blowing, the birds chirping in unison and the sun radiating down upon my shoulders… I felt completely at peace. Nature has a way of doing that to me. I find balance and peace every time I step out into the natural world.

I stood there for some time taking in the surroundings and just allowing nature’s rhythm to soothe my mind, body and soul.

I looked down for a moment and there was this little leaf caught in the grass, blowing in the breeze. It had already turned brown… it’s colors had all faded away.  It was decaying right before my eyes. Every moment, precious … it would only be with us for a matter of days now. I looked closely at this little brown leaf and I’ll tell you what I saw:

I saw every vein as a story once lived by this little leaf. My mind wandered at the things that it might have seen, the experiences it might have felt and the lifetime that it lived. Those veins once filled with nurturing juices of life, now barren. This made me think about how precious life is and how quickly one can go from a life where we are being sustained and nurtured to a place where we become part of what sustains other life so that it may grow… live and experience.

Many Blessings,

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A Message From Beyond the Grave

IMG_5759The Angels step fourth with a message to reveal…
They want you to know that they are alive and very real.

Bringing to you, loved ones who have passed
Those who have gone far too soon and far too fast

From the heart, I hand you a rose
And a message conceiled in prose

Though it may seem that they are worlds away
They are with you each and every day

You feel their presence and wonder if they are really there
They want you to know the answer is yes, no matter where

Though they have no voice to speak the words they wish to say
There are messengers on the way

Sending a sign so you will know
It really was them tapping at your window

A bird, a dragonfly or the sway of a willow
Whatever the signal, you’ll just know

The message is for you no matter from where it came
You’re not going crazy, it was they who called out your name

That scent that danced upon the breeze
That bird that nests just outside in the trees

It’s not coincidence, it’s not a fluke or a trick of the light
That feeling you have is right

It’s me from the other side of the veil
Letting you know I’m here with my will

Sleep sound my loves, don’t worry about me
The world I’m in is as beautiful as can be

There is no suffering and no pain
There is only light and love showering us like rain

My dears, please don’t be sad, for I am not truly gone away
We will meet again someday.

For now, accept this rose and put a smile upon your face
Someday we shall again find ourselves in the same place.

With love and grace I hand this to you.
Know that I shall always be with you.

Many Blessings,

When Our Season Comes …




When Our Season Comes …

Summer now gone, winter is approaching fast
As the October wind comes blowing by
I stand in awe beneath the light, the moon does cast
And with a deep breath I let out a heavy sigh.

No time to stop … no time to rest
All we can do .. is our very best
The years keep coming and rolling past
The clock keeps ticking and time is flying by so fast

We look in the mirror and can’t believe our eyes
There’s no hiding … everyone must know
The years, oh how they do show
It’s in our eyes and all over our face
Hoping to age with a bit of grace

Feel the chill upon the breeze
Dear Creator, allow us age with ease.
May our aches and pains be few
May we be reborn of love with each morning dew

Lessons have come and lessons have gone
Life is our path and we must march on
Written in our memories… the life we’ve lived
May the love and knowledge gained from our travels be the gift we give

The pages of our life we turn with our own hands
May the path before you be a new beginning with no dead ends

Wisdom, our harvest from seeds once sown
May love and kindness be for what we were known.
When our journey finally comes to a stop
We’ll meet again on the mountaintop.

Our life now a whisper upon the breeze
When it comes time to say goodbye, may we pass with ease
Please be kind and smile when you see a passing dove
For our soul will be soaring with the greatest love

Many Blessings,