Nothing More Than a Memory

holly sketchI don’t know why, but I started to think about when we pass and then began to think of my own passing and what would be left behind. This is what I came up with in that moment of reflection.

Nothing More Than a Memory

One day I’ll be gone from this Earthly place
Leaving nothing more than a memory to trace.

A glance from your eyes to mine
Something I hope lingers lovingly in your mind.

My mark, I’ve left on many a canvas
Now only memories left to dissolve softly into the blackness.

My words fading from the paper where they were once wrote
Leaving behind only a handful of mindful quotes.

My scent only a few knew, no longer lingering around
My laughter, no longer making a sound.

No projects left to craft
No more designs left to draft.

My love, I hope stays with you til the end of all time
Remember me dearly with a bit of  rhyme.

One day I’ll be gone from this Earthly place
Leaving nothing more than a memory to trace.

Many Blessings,

Remember When….


IMG_0249Remember what it was like when you were little?

When there really was a man in the moon that listened to all your prayers and watched over you as you slept….

When you looked at frogs, bunnies, bugs and lizards as your friends who had their own home and families in the garden .. and how you just knew they understood every word you said even though you spoke different languages…

When a mound of dirt suddenly became the tallest mountain you would ever climb…. and how wonderful it felt when you reached the top!

When you would see a falling star and you closed your eyes as tight as can be and made a wish straight from your heart….

When bed sheets and blankets made the best secret club house ever!

What happened that you stop seeing the world like this?

It’s the same world ya know….

All you need to do to bring the magic back into your life .. is believe .. believe as you did back when .. with your whole heart and soul …

Really… that’s all it takes…

Remember yet?

Open your heart to love and you’ll begin to believe again ..

Just because you have grown taller doesn’t mean your adventures have come to an end …

Come on… take my hand .. I’ll walk with you for a while .. until your eyes are once again open and the magic is real and no longer just some words from a fairy tale…. come on.. what are you waiting for … let’s go!

“Your life is only as good as you allow it to be”

“Allow more”

Many Blessings,