Today, Spirit shows me many will be in a state of daydreaming all through the day. It’s not a bad thing… seeing the dream is part of putting energy into that dream and that will help us manifest the daydream… so dream away! Write down these daydreams, it will add extra energy to the dream. Also a quick message about the Summer Solstice, times are changing!

Many Blessings,

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Climbing the Wall – Believing in Ourselves

We all have within us the ability to do more than what we “believe” we can do. We just have to let go of the thoughts that hold us back. There is nothing stopping us but ourselves.

Many Blessings,

From Nothing to Something

Through the years I have encountered many in my life who would have had me believe I was nothing… and through the years I have always come out proving that I was indeed something more. Sometimes I would go years believing how they made me feel, fighting it all along the way. The core of my being knew that I was not what they would have me believe, but when living with this kind of behavior day in and day out for so long, one can tend to start believing this lie. Everyone has value, if the person you are with cannot see yours then they truly do not belong in your life. It doesn’t always come from romantic relationships, it can come from work, friends, etc. This has been a hard lesson for me, I have relived it again and again. Someday, maybe I’ll truly believe in my own worth and forget the lie that I was lead so often to believe.


Many Blessings,

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The Coyote and the Wolf

wolfLet me tell you about the story of the Coyote and the Wolf. There was this Coyote who such a non-believer in everything. He was such a non-believer that even if something stared him right in the face he would question everything about what he had just witnessed with his own eyes. He would argue his own experience, until he made himself disbelieve in everything that had just happened.

One day the Coyote was walking through the forest and came upon a Wolf who was talking to… well…. the Coyote wasn’t quite sure who the Wolf was speaking to. To the Coyote it seemed as though the Wolf was just talking to herself. The Coyote’s curiosity would not rest until he got to the bottom of the matter. He approached the chatty Wolf and asked, “Who are you taking to?”, the Wolf responded with, “Can’t you see, I’m talking to the Fairies!”. The Coyote rolled his eyes and with a big laugh replied, “Oh, yeah sure… the fairies…. yeah, well you go ahead and talk to your imaginary friends if you like” and he walked away laughing. The Wolf ignored the Coyote and continued her conversation and then went on with her business.

The Coyote could not leave this matter alone, for some reason it bothered the Coyote that the Wolf thought she could speak to Fairies. So, every time the Coyote saw the Wolf, he would make comments, hoping to make the Wolf feel foolish about her beliefs. The Wolf never listened to the Coyote. She would shrug her shoulders and just walk away. The Wolf had many magical beliefs and no matter what the Coyote would say or how much he would laugh, the Wolf stayed true to her beliefs and carried on with her day.

The Coyote really could not stand it that the Wolf believed in such nonsense. He began to make more comments and belittle the Wolf’s beliefs every chance he got. He was going to destroy her beliefs if it was the last thing he ever did. What the Coyote did not know was the strength of the Wolf. The Wolf could not be shaken from her beliefs for she had witnessed all these magical things with her very own eyes, with her soul and with her spirit. The Wolf herself was magical, inside and out and the strength she carried with her was far beyond the understanding of the Coyote.

The Coyote continued bashing the Wolf’s beliefs for many years. It grew so very old, the bashing, the laughing and the tormenting. The Wolf as usual, would shrug her shoulders and move on. She would speak to the Fairies, listen to the Spirits of the Forest, and practice magic every day. There was nothing this Coyote could do to shake the Wolf from this nonsense she believed in. The Coyote had nothing left. It seemed as though he was speaking into the wind every time he would try and argue with the Wolf. The Coyote just grew more and more frustrated while the Wolf seemed untouched. She continued being herself, working her magic and believing her way.

This went on for years before the Coyote grew bored and one day just gave up and left the forest. He realized there was nothing more he could do to change the Wolf. I’m sure it was no time at all before the Coyote found someone else to badger.

When you are sure and firm in your beliefs, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does, your beliefs stay intact.

Your faith stays strong and you stand unshaken by the disbelief of others.

Stand Strong.. Stay True to Yourself.
Many Blessings,

Tis the Season

                                                          Tis the Season to Believe…

WP_20141220_006Believe in Magic, even though you may have never seen it.
Believe in Love, even when it has left a hurtful mark.
Believe in Yourself, even more so when others don’t.
Believe in Miracles, even when you are filled with doubt.
Believe in Wishes, even the ones left unanswered.
Believe in Kindness, even when others forget to show it.
Believe in Hope, even when you are feeling hopeless.
Believe in Angels, even if you’ve never seen them.
Believe in Goodness, even when you are surrounded by bad.
Believe in in the Unseen, even though you have clearly not seen it.
Believe in Tradition, even when it’s been broken.
Believe in Forgiveness, even when others won’t.
Believe in Your Dreams, even the ones not followed.

Many Blessings,

Remember When….


IMG_0249Remember what it was like when you were little?

When there really was a man in the moon that listened to all your prayers and watched over you as you slept….

When you looked at frogs, bunnies, bugs and lizards as your friends who had their own home and families in the garden .. and how you just knew they understood every word you said even though you spoke different languages…

When a mound of dirt suddenly became the tallest mountain you would ever climb…. and how wonderful it felt when you reached the top!

When you would see a falling star and you closed your eyes as tight as can be and made a wish straight from your heart….

When bed sheets and blankets made the best secret club house ever!

What happened that you stop seeing the world like this?

It’s the same world ya know….

All you need to do to bring the magic back into your life .. is believe .. believe as you did back when .. with your whole heart and soul …

Really… that’s all it takes…

Remember yet?

Open your heart to love and you’ll begin to believe again ..

Just because you have grown taller doesn’t mean your adventures have come to an end …

Come on… take my hand .. I’ll walk with you for a while .. until your eyes are once again open and the magic is real and no longer just some words from a fairy tale…. come on.. what are you waiting for … let’s go!

“Your life is only as good as you allow it to be”

“Allow more”

Many Blessings,