A Message From Beyond the Grave

IMG_5759The Angels step fourth with a message to reveal…
They want you to know that they are alive and very real.

Bringing to you, loved ones who have passed
Those who have gone far too soon and far too fast

From the heart, I hand you a rose
And a message conceiled in prose

Though it may seem that they are worlds away
They are with you each and every day

You feel their presence and wonder if they are really there
They want you to know the answer is yes, no matter where

Though they have no voice to speak the words they wish to say
There are messengers on the way

Sending a sign so you will know
It really was them tapping at your window

A bird, a dragonfly or the sway of a willow
Whatever the signal, you’ll just know

The message is for you no matter from where it came
You’re not going crazy, it was they who called out your name

That scent that danced upon the breeze
That bird that nests just outside in the trees

It’s not coincidence, it’s not a fluke or a trick of the light
That feeling you have is right

It’s me from the other side of the veil
Letting you know I’m here with my will

Sleep sound my loves, don’t worry about me
The world I’m in is as beautiful as can be

There is no suffering and no pain
There is only light and love showering us like rain

My dears, please don’t be sad, for I am not truly gone away
We will meet again someday.

For now, accept this rose and put a smile upon your face
Someday we shall again find ourselves in the same place.

With love and grace I hand this to you.
Know that I shall always be with you.

Many Blessings,


  1. I just wanted to let you know that at this timeI really needed to read this. I am going through the one year after my husband died and I miss him so much. I have good days and bad days but it coming up to the first year after which is March 8th it really is getting tuffer to realize that its been one year. It seems like only yesterday. He died from cancer and I do know that he is in a much better place. He is my Brave Warrior. and that memory of that day keeps trying to come to mind. Thats the most painful. But I thank you for shareing this poem. He died on the 8th and we laid him to rest on my birthday the 12th. So its pretty heavy. ButI will survive because I really do believe that he is at my side and helps me in many different ways.

    Bless you.

    1. I can’t imagine what you are going through … and I know the days ahead are only going to get harder for you … be comforted in the knowlege that he is definately with you every single day .. I know that not only did he love you but he still loves you very much!

      Happy early birthday {{{{hugs}}}} and well wishes to help you through this time

      Many blessings,

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