Day: March 28, 2011

Crystal Digging

Well this weekend a few of us made our yearly trip to Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine in Story, Arkansas just outside Hot Springs, Arkansas … as usual it was fantastic. There is just something magical about putting your hands into the Earth and pulling out a treasure.  The weather was cold and rainy but the treasure hunting was cleansing. I know you are thinking … how can digging around in the dirt and mud be cleansing … lol.. I’m not sure this is something you can understand by reading… it’s something you will have to experience for yourself.

The weather this year wasn’t so nice to us… but every year we learn something new about digging for crystals.

Year 1 – we learned to go before it gets too hot! and wear lots of sunscreen and there is really only one tool you truly need.
Year 2 – we learned go after it warms up hahahaha … and again there is only one tool you truly need!

We shall see what next years lesson will be.

I love Becky and Randy, the owners of Sweet Surrender.. they are fabulous!

Sweet Surrender is such a peacful place … I just wish this year the weather had been nicer to us. It was cold, windy and raining this year, but that didn’t keep us from digging.

I didn’t find as much as last year but that was partly due to the weather as well. I did however, find some really nice crystals this year and can’t wait to start cleaning them up.

Below are a few pics of what I found digging around in the dirt for a day!

Many Blessings,