The Summer Solstice

Here I stand on the longest day of the year…. stretching my hands to the universe accepting of the energy that comes fourth. Thankful for the blessings in my life and hopeful of a future filled with many more.

A time when the days stop growing and the nights stop shrinking …
A time to begin working with your dreams.

Tonight when the sun finally slips down and calls it a night… I’ll lay my head upon my pillow and dream many dreams for happy days to come.

Dreaming of  the love I have found and growing old together… still smiling at each other when those days come to an end. Dreaming of creations yet to be realized and created. Dreaming of peace and love for all my family and friends. Dreaming of the future… of an ease of life, of fresh air, clean water and our warm and cozy home. Dreaming dreams that  keep us dreaming, keep us hoping, keep us living, keep us smiling.

Tomorrow I shall awake and follow those dreams as I do each and every day. Never giving up, never stopping when I fall. I’ll continue to chase those dreams til my days find their end.

The Solstice, where the days are still much longer than the night, we have time to bring our dreams into creation… and as each night comes to be, we are given a wee bit more time to focus our intent within our dreaming.  Use this time wisely.

Let your dreams be realized in the sun lit hours while the moon guides you through the night and keeps you dreaming those dreams that keep you living the life you always knew could be possible.



Many Blessings for a Happy and Bright Solstice,


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Spiritual Guidance for June 20-26

We’ve been talking about this Solstice for some time now and look at us … here we are! This is a week of dreams being realized, miracles happening right before our eyes and plot twist in our favor! We have arrived with a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Changes are on the way and in the best ways possible.

Many Blessings,

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The Light of the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year… well the most daylight hours of the year anyway! The Summer Solstice reminds us to embrace our own light. It asks us to take a look inside and get to know and understand our light. What makes it grow brighter? What weakens our light? Are you hiding your light? Why? Are you afraid to let it shine? There is no need to fear the light within us. Embrace it! Let it shine!

Many Blessings,

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The Summer Solstice

The Solstice is at the end of out week but we need to begin to prepare now. Spirit urges us to go inside and inspect the many aspects of our lives and of our inner self. Look at where you draw light and power from and then look at the areas of your life and  within yourself that you need extra light and a bit more power. Strengthen the parts that need strengthening and lighten the areas that aren’t so filled with light. By the time the Solstice arrives you will be dancing and celebrating!

Many Blessings,

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Winter Dreams

Magical wonders beneath a star lit sky
With a twinkle, winter dreams begin to fill our eyes

Cozy nights, snuggled by the fire
Spending quality time with those you admire

The snow begins to fall and a hush is  whispered through the air
The land is resting for the winter just like a bear

The days now shorter and the weather  quite cold
Even as she sleeps, the Earth’s beauty is surly a sight to behold

Watching through the window, winter birds coming around for a treat
You’ll find me with a hot cup of tea, snuggled up in my favorite seat

It’s a time of reflection and a time to rest
Please do come in and have a seat, be my guest

We’ll sit and chat about the days gone by and the days to come
We’ll be calmed by the fire’s magical crackle and hum

Once we’ve had our tea and said our farewell
We’ll make a wish to the winter fairies with a quick ring of the bell

One for luck
Two for good health
Three for love
and Four for a special wish that we shall not tell