Day: November 4, 2012

30 Things I am Thankful For

IMG_4324I know the most popular thing this month is to post something each day that you are thankful for … but as you might have noticed, I don’t really follow what everyone else does. Instead of posting daily, I’m posting 30 things I am thankful for in one post so that they have their moment all month long.. instead of just a 24 hour moment ….

I am Thankful For: 

  1. My Husband
  2. The opportunity to experience birthing my children
  3. Monty (the wonderful snuggly dog that he is)
  4. Wonderful in-laws
  5. My sis, Pattie who always understands me more than anyone
  6. Having a job that I love
  7. Working with people I enjoy working with
  8. The creative thoughts that always find a way to fill my head
  9. The moments Spirit gives me so that I can find ways to help others
  10. The art that I am lucky enough to create
  11. The ease that words flow  from my head to my fingertips
  12. Friendship (you all know who you are)
  13. My Camera (OMG I cannot forget my camera!)
  14. My computer .. without it I would miss out on getting to know so many truly wonderful people
  15. Spirit and the gifts that continue to flow my way
  16. Being different
  17. Feeling Loved
  18. My Home
  19. The Birds .. I cannot forget the birds 🙂
  20. My Sight – to be able to see the world, nature and all the magic that surrounds us daily
  21. My hearing – to hear the sound of my husbands voice, laughter, the song of the birds, the sound of night, the sounds of morning, what a great gift hearing is.
  22. Growth –  I look back and am truly thankful for how far I have come and look forward to the journey forward
  23. The mountain – the journey, even when it has been hard has revealed to me strengths I am always surprised to find that are within me
  24. Crystals – well you know how Ravens love shiny things 😉
  25. Healing – that wonderful feeling when you are broken and think you will never recover and then one day you realize that you already have.
  26. Magic – it makes life far more special and keeps me looking forward to each day and what it holds.
  27. My Past – no matter how rocky it may have been it has showed me that I have the ability to weather the storm no matter the size, conditions or how long it lasts.
  28. The Future – because I know there is one and it is just as full of magic as all the days have had before ..
  29. Kisses – Mmmmmmmmmmm they soothe away all kinds of pain
  30. Life – I am blessed  although at times I have felt cursed.. life is worth living .. life is worth enjoying and it’s worth doing it over and over again.So, there you have it 30 things I am thankful for…. the list could go on and on and in far more detail …. but for now .. I feel this will do.

    Many Blessings to one and all,