Daily Insight – PREGNANCY

Daughter of Earth – Creativity – Pregnancy – Female Powers – Beauty – Talents

You Are PREGNANT!!! YES.. I said PREGNANT! Nope … it’s not a mistake.. let me explain:

Just as a baby incubates inside us women for 9 months, growing and developing… so are many other things growing and developing inside us: talents, skills, powers, etc.

It is time now to give birth to a new you and a new phase in your life. This new phase may be spiritual, physical or emotional. Whichever it may be.. give your self time and try your best to maintain patience with yourself and the process. Just as babies come on their own time… so will this new phase. Don’t rush it into being. Allow the natural flow of life to guide you and this new phase will develop beautifully and with great ease.

Don’t be afraid of the changes within you. The transformation that is already happening will be beautiful and fulfilling. Embrace the changes and absorb the magic.

Many Blessings,

Oh and ENJOY this new way of being!

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