So many Questions

Where am I going ? Where am I suppose to be? What’s happening next? What do I do now? How will I know?

Open your eyes….. Look around….. You are where you need to be. You are who you are suppose to be… You already have the gifts you so desperately seek.

It is up to you to do the work. What are you waiting for ? It’s as if you think some giant sign will appear from the heavens that says … “You have made it…. You are here.” That’s not going to happen so stop waiting and stop asking.

There are no instructions…. There are no promises… Take the wheel and stop being a passenger in your own life. You are so afraid of taking a step forward that you don’t move at all. You just stand there asking all these questions…. Waiting for a big billboard to drop down in front of you with instructions for every move you should make.

Be you… Take control. Your instinct is there for a reason. Use it! Trust it!

When you begin asking the advise of others for every little thing that comes up in your life … you will start getting false answers. This is because Spirit is teaching you to trust YOUR OWN answers.

It is o to ask someone else from time to time.. after all.. if we look back and think about it.. we already knew the answers before we asked our questions.. we are just needing validation. Well there comes a point that you have to stop asking for validation so much and start trusting yourself.

I don’t post this because I want you all to stop asking me questions.. I’m posting this because I want you to have the tools and understanding to start trusting yourself and start believing in yourself. Before you ask advice … think about how you truly feel about the questions and what you feel about your own answers. Go ahead and ask…. but if validation does come through to you .. then TRUST yourself. Allow your own intuition to do it’s job. Stop second guessing yourself and everyone else.

I know many that will seek advice from me and then another and another and another. Some times we all give the same answers and yet they still question. Some times we all give different answers … and still they are not satisfied.

The correct answer is inside yourself.

Many Blessings,


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