snow moon

January Full Moon

nearly full moonThe January Full Moon is known as the Wolf Moon (It appeared when wolves howled in hunger outside the villages), the Cold, and Snow or Winter Moon. It  is a time of protection and strength. While it is the first full Moon of the calendar year, in terms of nature it occurs in the middle of the cold winter season, a season of death and desolation. In these respects, the January Moon can be seen as a time of both beginnings and endings. This is the time to start to consider what you want to plant and plan for the spring. You can do magic so that as the spring approaches your magical goal will grow close and closer to fruition.

As with all Full Moons … the week leading up to the full moon is the best time to charge your crystals and other tools. Set them outside or in a window so that they may soak up the energy of the moon.

Many Blessings,

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November Full Moon

The November Full Moon is the Snow Moon also known as the Beaver, Mourning or Tree Moon … depending on where you are from.

Remind yourself that although winter is coming, it will not last forever. Do what you can to reduce your stress and to strengthen your bonds with family and friends. Back before the advent of grocery stores and central heating, people really counted on those bonds, which could be the difference between making it through the winter or perishing. So, know who is really there for you, and count your blessings.

The moon offers us a lot of energy and when it is full it offers that much more. Use it wisely and responsibly. Be clear in your thoughts and actions.

Many Blessings,