Magic and Mischief!

Today is all about enjoying life… having a laugh and sharing joy with others. So, get out there and stir up some mischief today and enjoy every moment!

Many Blessings,

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A Surprise Visit from a Hummingbird

This morning just as I clicked record on my phone, a hummingbird showed up outside my window. For today’s message it is only fitting that we talk about the hummingbird and what it reminds us of in life. The lessons our dear little feathered friend has oh and for another surprise Spirit gives me a random message at the end about the dance… not sure who that is for but I have faith that it will reach it’s intended target.

Many Blessings,

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Hummingbird Magic

Hummingbird a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible. It can teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living in your own life. It teaches you to purse your dreams and bring them into reality. You must believe in your own dreams and with work they will manifest.

Hummingbird medicine is herbal; it shows us how to use flowers for healing. They teach us how to draw life essence from flowers and create your own medicines.

Many Blessings,

Magic on Ordinary Days

WP_20140623_003Some people spend their entire lives wishing for magic to happen. Whether it be their knight riding in on a white horse to rescue them from their mundane life or being followed by a magical trail of glitter and sparkles where ever they go, they keep wishing for magic. What they fail to see is the magic that is already there. Yep, right their in their lives every single day. We all have it! Magic isn’t something only a select few get to experience. Magic lives in the lives of all of us if we wish to see it.

Here’s some everyday magic you may have not noticed:

A smile from a stranger
A compliment for no reason at all
Finding something that was once lost
A cuddle from someone you love
A kiss
A kind gesture
Finding a penny (face up)
Finding a 4 leaf clover 😉
Laughter from a child
Giggles between friends
The song of the birds
The soft scent of honeysuckle floating on a breeze
Positive words
Feeling good about who you are
Completing a complicated task
Finding understanding
Knowing who you are
Being in the moment
Peace within
Finding your balance (even if only for a moment)
Doing for others
Spreading positivity

You see these may not seem very magical, but they are. These are just a few of the simple things in everyday life that make us feel good. Imagine for a moment a life without all of these things. Yeah, not so nice huh? Drab and sad to say the least.

Magic isn’t about fairy tales and sparkle, it’s not about a bunch of hocus pocus and making things appear with a twitch of your nose. Magic is about appreciating all parts of life and walking your path with love.

Magic is noticing those things that are mostly unseen, finding an appreciation for all life here on Earth, and harnessing the happiness life offers us.

Most important … Magic is love.  Plain and simple .. LOVE. Love yourself, love others, love living. LOVE.

Many Blessings,

Magical Monday – Spreading Joy

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Some of my favorite moments in life are those that I can share my own joy with others and watch as they themselves become filled equally with joy, love and excitement. In this day and time people are quick to talk about all the pains, heartache, illness and despair that life has to offer but not so quick to share the more joyous moments in life.

I have to ask … why???

I know that there has to be a balance but the scales seem far too often tilted in the negative direction.  October had Breast Cancer Awareness… and November had Testicular Cancer Awareness… but what now?? What about December?  Are we all suppose to be too busy decorating, partying and buying gifts to raise awareness for anything? I think now…
So here’s a challenge I’d like to offer up through the month of December:

December – the month of deck the halls, falalalalalaaaaaaaa, joy to the world and have a holly jolly …..  My challenge is for everyone to share their joy each day.. I know some days it will be hard … we become overwhelmed with tasks, chores, decorating, buying, entertaining and so on …. that suddenly it is Christmas in xx days and our list is still way too long to cope.

Seek out some joy, some light, some love and some happiness… share it.. share it with as many as you can until it has spread like winter’s first sniffle. Watch as others become filled with that amazing light I like to call PURE JOY. When you see someone without a smile.. give them a reason to laugh…. when you see someone needing a hug … for goodness sake  – HUG THEM!

Share the spirit of love, light and joy through the month of December and I’m sure that you just might witness something far brighter than the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center!

Go on now.. get to spreading!

Many Blessings,

These Pages

These are the pages of my life…

Turn them with ease, gentleness and care.
My soul, these pages do bare

This path is mine, not unlike yours
Full of many roads, hallways and doors.

Tears, laughter, sorrow and pain
Lessons learned again and again

Secrets whispered in the night
Wishes placed on the wings of butterflies in flight

These pages contain all that is me
Bound in leather, written for all to see

Scrapes and bruises, stitches and scars
Always dreaming beneath the stars

Creating for creation’s sake
Sitting with my love by the lake

Kisses and cuddles late at night
Seeing with second sight

Ghosts and spirits roaming about
Wondering what this life is all about

A smile.. a look
It’s all right here.. written on the pages of this book

Fairy tales that do come true..
Have a seat and let me tell you

My light, at times has nearly gone out
My head filled with so much self doubt

This life has had it’s highs and lows
But that light in me… still it glows

I’ll not give up on the dreams I dream
It’s never as easy as it may seem

Twists and turns, wear and tear
Let me tell you… I’ve been there!

It began with “Once upon a time…”
Just like in those old nursery rhymes

There will be no end…  you see
For my soul will continue on buzzing like a bee

So, I’ll see you in the here after
Living Happily ever after.


Many Blessings,

It’s Right There!

IMG_9490It’s right there next to you, behind you, in front of you, above, below and all around you.  It’s right there!

Peace, love, joy and excitement.

Sure there are other things as well… but that doesn’t take away the peace, love, joy and magic that also exist.

It may be storming but the love, peace, joy and magic can still be found… if you just look for it.

If all you look for is rain.. that’s all you will find.

Take each day as it comes and find you’ll it.

A cool breeze on a hot, sunny day.
A refreshing moment beneath a shade tree.
The warmth of a sweater on a cold night.
The coolness of your pillow on the flip side.
A smile
A giggle
A friend
A kiss
A hug
A snuggle
The warmth of a campfire
Lightening bugs a dusk
The song of a bird
The purrr of a kitten
An eager welcome home from your pet
The smell of jasmine blooming in late spring
Snow cones and ice cream!
4 leaf clovers
Babies sleeping
The quiet at the end of a long day
The chatter of children at play
Movie Night
Doing something right
Sunsets and sunrises
Unexpected surprises

It’s all there… no matter where you go…

Just take another look and you’ll see … It’s Right There!

Many Blessings for a great day!