mother nature

Why Nature?

This afternoon while I was out taking photos in the great outdoors I came to a few realizations. Nature does a lot of things for us but here’s a few of the lesser known or at least probably the most overlooked.

why nature

Many Blessings,

Reflections in Nature

morning dew

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There is just something about this photo I took this morning that I feel drawn too…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm whatever could it be?

Maybe its the quiet of an early morning.
Maybe its the tranquility that resonates within while out in nature.
Maybe its the light.
Maybe its the reflections from within.
Maybe its the sparkle!

There is something in nature that we can all identify with. Take time in your days to sit and reflect for a while. Connect yourself with the source of Mother Nature and allow the peace to fill you. Spending time outside brings about balance, rejuvenation and peace within.

Many Blessings,

Let’s Get Inspired!!

It’s SPRING!!! What a beautiful time of the year … oh and today is a full moon… even better!

Inspiration is all around us with new life popping up everywhere you turn…. Take some time, get yourself out in the sunshine and enjoy a little bit of what Mother Nature has gifted us all with.

A tree will sit in waiting all winter long … waiting to let loose the fabulous foilage inside… now that’s what I call patience!

I’ve been watching the trees go from bare to green from my office window and it’s amazing how just within 1 day you can see the growth…

I am in awe  and inspired by Mother Nature.. so much beauty she brings… the birth of new life everywhere you look… if you can’t get inspired by that .. then I don’t know what else to tell you.

Do something creative today … in honor of Mother Nature and the Full Moon… you’ll be amazed at how good that can make you feel 🙂

I think I’ll go out in the garden and collect things to make a fairy fort….

Many Blessings,

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