Stop Waiting to be Happy

Spirit message for today. I felt so urged to deliver this message. I had written down the words “Stop waiting to be happy” last night on a post it note. I kept looking at it today, asking Spirit if it was time to talk about it and all I kept getting was “No, not yet”. Then I found myself a few moments ago feeling pushed to go ahead and do it NOW. There is someone out there that will get this message because of timing more than any other reason. So, I listened to Spirit, verbalized the message and here we are. I hope it reached everyone who needs it!

Many Blessings,

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Magical Moments

You never know when magic might pop into your life… so you can’t give up on life or give up on yourself. The magical moments that come into our lives heal all the painful parts. They make us forget all the hard times, even if only for a moment.

Many Blessings,

Why Nature?

This afternoon while I was out taking photos in the great outdoors I came to a few realizations. Nature does a lot of things for us but here’s a few of the lesser known or at least probably the most overlooked.

why nature

Many Blessings,

Magic Wish

I wrote this a few years back and thought it was a time to reshare 🙂
Don’t Make Me

Don’t make me call on the rain to hide the tears

Don’t make me call on the wind to carry away the fears

Don’t make me!

I tell you I have been there … so many times.. I have visited this place … you know.. that sad place deep inside you where you go to when you’ve been hurt.. when you’re sad and lonely .. when you feel like no one else in the world feels the way you do.

That place you escape to … that place where you think no one will notice how sad and lonely you are or how deeply hurt  you may be..

I just wanted to send out a great big {{{hug}}} to all those finding themselves in that place.

So I’m posting this little message to let you know you’re not alone.. there are people who care.. you just have to let them help you .. let them love and care for you ..

Pull yourself out of that lonely place and try to have a bit of fun.. laugh … and live .. don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve to be loved  ..

Here’s a bit of magic coming your way .. hoping you’ll be able to laugh and have some fun … and most importantly feel the love this magic wish brings


Now close your eyes and count to three…
Nod your head and accept this magic wish I send to out thee…..

Jump up and stomp the ground .. bang on the floor and make a lot of sound!

Turn on some musical tunes … now scream and shout at the moon

Spin and turn around really really fast … keep on going as I finish out this wish I cast

Now stop and throw your arms up into the air ….
Cast away all your worries and all your cares

Pull your arms in really close and give yourself a great big hug …
Hold on tight…. make it really really snug

Feel the magic from above .. feel the warmth and all my love

I’m sending you now, a magic feather
Now see.. don’t you feel better?


Many Blessings of love and magic,

How to Turn a Bad Week or a Bad Day Around

rain puddleHow to Turn a Bad Week  or a Bad Day Around

We have all had them.. a bad day, a bad week, a bad month .. heck even a bad year!!!

The question is when that bad day, week, month, year gets us down.. how do we pull out of it and turn it around.

How do we cheer ourselves up and look at the bright side?

Heavy sigh… good question!

Let’s see a raise of hands for those who have the answers…

Oh wait … that’s what I’m suppose to be doing here … giving you some help .. some answers.. some ideas to turn that bad into a “not so bad” situation.

Well, I certainly don’t have all the answers … but I can tell you some of the things that have helped me through the years. These ideas won’t solve any problems… but they will help you get your mind off your troubles.

Meditation is a good start to help relieve stress from a bad day …if you don’t know how to meditate.. Google is always an easy fix… so many techniques out there for meditation.. do a little research and find something that best fits you.

Get out! – Take a walk .. a hike in the woods or near a lake .. go do something to take your mind off whats going on… take in some fresh air and scenery.

Get a hobby! hahahahaha you should notice I have many… hahaha … there is a good reason for that .. creating is my way of dealing with stress, depression and just about any other problem that may be a burden. When working with your hands and creating or crafting something.. for that time you are only focusing on what is in front of you .. you can’t think about the bills or someone with a bad attitude or the leaky roof or the kids grades or grocery shopping, laundry, or whatever else may be bothering you… so it’s a good and productive escape.. it may not solve your problems but it certainly gets your mind of it for a while.

Friends! My friends have been my life savers so many times… just being able to call up a friend to talk it out … get a little input… vent and laugh or cry together .. that has helped far more than anything else ever has!

Laugh! Watch a funny  movie/tv show… send out some jokes to all your friends…. remember the fun times …. whatever it is you need to do to laugh … just make sure you do.. plan some practical jokes … people watch… hahahaha just do something that makes you feel good.

Whatever it is you decide to do .. you have to be able to step outside the situation for a moment .. gather yourself.. regroup… release the tension … You’ll find when you can do this … your view of whats going on may change… things may or may not be as bad as they seemed… You may see new ways to fix the situation … and if nothing else .. you will have at least had some time away from it … we all need to “take a moment” from time to time.

Don’t feel bad or guilty… because you took some time out … that “time out” moment may be just the thing to catch that much needed second wind, or give you a fresh new look at the problem .. or relieve the stress that has built up from the situation.

So go ahead .. “take a moment” and enjoy it!

Many Blessings,

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