Why Nature?

This afternoon while I was out taking photos in the great outdoors I came to a few realizations. Nature does a lot of things for us but here’s a few of the lesser known or at least probably the most overlooked.

why nature

Many Blessings,

50 Shades of Me

ravenatalker2015So this morning I was browsing Pinterest and saw a card that said “I’m 50 shades of (something or other)” Can’t remember the exact quote.. so I then thought.. hmmmm I kinda like the whole 50 shades of …..  … now what shall I post on my Facebook status that I am 50 shades of??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Ok Facebook…. I’m 50 Shades of Craftabulous!

My sister made a comment along the lines of .. yeah you’re 50 shades of something alright… ya freak!

Ook so I may resemble that remark my sister made and thought… hmmmmm .. well let’s go ahead and explore the 50 shades of me and see what comes out of the woodwork 🙂

So here we go! in no particular order…

1. I’m 50 Shades of Creative Addict

2. I’m 50 Shades of Love

3. I’m 50 Shades of Light

4. I’m 50 Shades of Emotion

5. I’m 50 Shades of Ability

6. I’m 50 Shades of Smiles

7. I’m 50 Shades of Naughty 😉

8. I’m 50 Shades of Dreams

9. I’m 50 Shades of Getting it Done

10. I’m 50 Shades of Tired (from the 50 shades in #9)

11. I’m 50 Shades of Positive Thinking

12. I’m 50 Shades of Spiritual Awakening

13. I’m 50 Shades of Believing in Wishes Coming True

14. I’m 50 Shades of Wicked

15. I’m 50 Shades of Making Do with What You Have

16. I’m 50 Shades of Compromise

17. I’m 50 Shades of Alone

18. I’m 50 Shades of Connecting with Spirit

19. I’m 50 Shades of Happy

20. I’m 50 Shades of Singing Like a Rock Star in My Car Alone

21. I’m 50 Shades of Dancing in the Rain

22. I’m 50 Shades of Helping Others

23. I’m 50 Shades of Over-thinking

24. I’m 50 Shades of Worry

25. I’m 50 Shades of Fear

26. I’m 50 Shades of Knowing

27. I’m 50 Shades of Understanding Who I Am

28. I’m 50 Shades of Sharing the Light

29. I’m 50 Shades of Understanding

30. I’m 50 Shades of Mischief

31. I’m 50 Shades of Artistic

32. I’m 50 Shades of Forgetful

33. I’m 50 Shades of Funny

34. I’m 50 Shades of Hopeful

35. I’m 50 Shades of Healing

36. I’m 50 Shades of Magical Mystery

37. I’m 50 Shades of Fun

38. I’m 50 Shades of Nostalgic

39. I’m 50 Shades of Rhyme

40. I’m 50 Shades of Wisdom

41. I’m 50 Shades of Lessons Learned

42. I’m 50 Shades of Mistakes

43. I’m 50 Shades of Visions

44. I’m 50 Shades of Seeing What Others May Not See

45. I’m 50 Shades of Picking Myself Back up After I Fall

46. I’m 50 Shades of Helping Others Up after They Fall

47. I’m 50 Shades of Mystery

48. I’m 50 Shades of Things Yet to Be

49. I’m 50 Shades of Fantabulous

50. I’m 50 Shades of Life

Well, there you have it… 50 Shades of Me!

What’s hiding in the 50 Shades of You?

Many Blessings,


Have You Ever?

Today’s post is dedicated to all those who have found themselves in that deep dark hole of depression, loneliness and sorrow. It happens to all of us at some point in time. Life becomes complicated and messy… there are days when we just can’t deal with what life brings us or we just don’t know how to cope. So many reasons that we can find ourselves in this dark place. Life throws at us so much, sometimes it is just too hard for us to take on.

I want everyone who finds themselves in this dark place to know that you are not alone. This happens to us all and the thing I want you to take with you from this post is that … it is never forever… the pain, loneliness, sorrow, depression is temporary and you can overcome it… there will be light again.

Reach out to your friends and family to help you through the difficult times. With much love and understanding I send to you all great big healing {{hugs}} and well wishes.




Have you Ever?

Have you ever found yourself so sad you didn’t want to get out of bed

Crazy thoughts run through your mind, like what if I were dead

You begin to wonder if suddenly I were no longer here

Would anyone notice, would anyone even care

Your world seems so dark and sad

You wonder, why does this feel so bad

It feels like there will never again be light

It’s so hard not to give up and continue to fight

You wonder what’s next and how much can I take

Then you think maybe I’ll close my eyes and never wake

But then you realize this is no way for your life to end

So you pull yourself together and cry to a friend

Letting go of the misery and all the pain

A friend shows you that there will be light once again

You are not alone in this fight

There are others who feel the same, crying in the night

So let tomorrow be the beginning, a fresh start

And let go of what burdens your mind and your heart

Nothing good ever comes from wishing you were dead

So snap out of it and get your ass out of bed!


I’d like to say something about the last line above…
I know it’s not as simple or as easy as getting out of bed… but the first step forward IS getting out of bed.



Many Blessings,