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A Look at Where You Are & Where You Have Come From

Spirit has us do a bit of reflecting this morning. Take a look at how much you have grown, how much you and your world has transformed and where you have come from. Look at all the things you have already survived and endured. The power to transform your world is within you. It has already changed so many times… it continues to change. You are the master of your own life, it is up to you to guide into the right direction.

Many Blessings,

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Reflections in Nature

morning dew

click to enlarge

There is just something about this photo I took this morning that I feel drawn too…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm whatever could it be?

Maybe its the quiet of an early morning.
Maybe its the tranquility that resonates within while out in nature.
Maybe its the light.
Maybe its the reflections from within.
Maybe its the sparkle!

There is something in nature that we can all identify with. Take time in your days to sit and reflect for a while. Connect yourself with the source of Mother Nature and allow the peace to fill you. Spending time outside brings about balance, rejuvenation and peace within.

Many Blessings,