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Your Path, Your Beliefs and Patience

Do you find yourself feeling stuck? Does the journey you are on feel like a chain event of hard lessons that just don’t seem to end? If so, you need to take some time to review your path, look back at the journey you have been traveling.. what lesson is it that has escaped your understanding.  Have patience with yourself and the journey itself. It takes time and growth to change your path, you have to allow yourself that time and allow the journey to even out once you’ve figured out the lessons.

Many Blessings,

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The Evolution of Change

Changes are needed in our lives. We aren’t meant to stay the same… so change comes in and transforms us, molds us into something better, smarter, wiser. Change brings us lessons and growth and I bet if you think back to changes that have occurred in your life that the changes you thought you didn’t want .. you are now grateful for. They may not be wanted at first.. but they are needed.

Many Blessings,

Where I am…

IMG_0254I have heard many quotes about the past…. from leaving it behind to not living there anymore to it defining who we are.

My message today is: It’s not about my past, it’s about where I am right now. 

Does my past define me? NO, but it has played a part in how I have shaped myself.

Do we carry the past around with us? Yes, of course we do, the past is filled with lessons that we went through for a reason. If we left them on the side of the road and forgot them, we would just repeat them over and over again. So, our past does follow us in that way. We just need to not allow the past to interfere with our progress forward.

The past is for me to remember and keep those lessons learned, not for you to worry about.

The past does not define me, I define me. I choose the steps I take each and every day. The past taught me lessons that I shall not forget that help me make better choices in my walk.

Many Blessings,

Finding the Wisdom Hidden Inside

IMG_7218We are born with an inner knowing that for the most part in the majority, goes completely untapped. Finding the wisdom hidden inside yourself takes patience, practice and an ability to quiet the mind. You see as children, we live in that inner knowing. Can you remember back to your childhood for a moment? Think about some of the things that you understood without anyone telling you, think about the things you believed without ever being subjected to it, think about the things you did without over-thinking that turned out in your favor…. think back to that time.

In the process of growing up and being “taught” what to think, we forget what we already knew.

How to find that hidden wisdom:

Be patient with yourself.
Practice meditation and practice listening to your intuition.
Learn how to quiet the mind.

It’s not something that happens quickly. I’m sure you will doubt yourself many times before you start actually listening. You will get frustrated and you will give up many times. You will keep trying and eventually you will find yourself trusting that inner knowledge. It’s well worth the time, effort and practice. When we follow our instincts, we find ourselves in a better place, mentally, physically and emotionally. We have to learn the difference between fear and lessons learned. There is a part of us that alarms us when we are about to do something that isn’t good for us… only you can determine if this alarm is going off from fear or from a previous lesson.

There are many forms of meditation. Try all of them until you find ones that work for you. When you find something that works, practice, practice, practice. The more you are able to master the art of meditation, the more you will find yourself hearing and understanding your own inner guide.

Many Blessings,

On This Journey

IMG_8415On this journey one cannot help but pick up things along the way. Some of the things that we pick up are: lessons, beliefs, habits, ideas and fears. We aren’t born with any of these .. they are all added to who we are as we travel along our journey. Some are needed and some, once lived, are no longer needed. They are like barriers that keep us from moving forward.

It’s a good idea to take some reflection time throughout our journey to assess which of these are still valuable and beneficial to us and which are no longer needed.

It’s much easier said than done. Some of the things that we pick up, come to us in a dramatic way and effect our lives greatly. Getting rid of whats no longer needed can be a process all on its own that is daunting and very hard to deal with.

Take your time and allow yourself to come to terms with whatever it may be that you are ridding from your life. Create a ritual, ceremony or have a party to help you make this change or transformation in your life. This can be a private matter or include your closest friends and family. Sometimes it helps to have those who support you, at your side when making such an affirmation. Some might say Life Changing.

Imagine for a moment … throwing a party and inviting all your friends over to help you celebrate getting over one of your greatest fears. It could be anything from a fear of flying to being afraid of the dark or even something like a fear of relationships or speaking in public.

What barriers will you be breaking down? Celebrate it!

Many Blessings,

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