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Finding the Wisdom Hidden Inside

IMG_7218We are born with an inner knowing that for the most part in the majority, goes completely untapped. Finding the wisdom hidden inside yourself takes patience, practice and an ability to quiet the mind. You see as children, we live in that inner knowing. Can you remember back to your childhood for a moment? Think about some of the things that you understood without anyone telling you, think about the things you believed without ever being subjected to it, think about the things you did without over-thinking that turned out in your favor…. think back to that time.

In the process of growing up and being “taught” what to think, we forget what we already knew.

How to find that hidden wisdom:

Be patient with yourself.
Practice meditation and practice listening to your intuition.
Learn how to quiet the mind.

It’s not something that happens quickly. I’m sure you will doubt yourself many times before you start actually listening. You will get frustrated and you will give up many times. You will keep trying and eventually you will find yourself trusting that inner knowledge. It’s well worth the time, effort and practice. When we follow our instincts, we find ourselves in a better place, mentally, physically and emotionally. We have to learn the difference between fear and lessons learned. There is a part of us that alarms us when we are about to do something that isn’t good for us… only you can determine if this alarm is going off from fear or from a previous lesson.

There are many forms of meditation. Try all of them until you find ones that work for you. When you find something that works, practice, practice, practice. The more you are able to master the art of meditation, the more you will find yourself hearing and understanding your own inner guide.

Many Blessings,


WP_20140530_040Today’s message from Spirit:

There are stories inside you … some you have lived .. some you have yet to live … if you can learn how to listen to the stories within yourself .. your path will become clear … you will know the way home.

Many Blessings,

Learning about Self


Tonight I will speak about learning …..

Not just learning about the many variety of things in life but learning about self…..

Stepping back to watch … to clearly see yourself and how you behave and how you react to the situation in life.

How many times do we speak when we should have stayed quiet ?

How many times have we taken a leap when we should have stood still?

How many times did we think we saw something that just wasn’t there?

Oh there are so many ways that we learn about self… these are just a few ..

The key is to learn how to find that place in yourself where you can stop.. stand still for a moment and really look .. really see clearly .. so that we may not make that leap if it is not needed.. so that we may be able to keep our words quiet until they need to be heard .. and so that we may see things as they are and not how we think they are .. how fear would like us to see them or how we wish they were…

How do we do this? you may ask…. well……………….

Take a moment in your day to reflect on what you’ve done just that day … maybe earlier that morning .. or just minutes ago..

Reflect on your thoughts as you overheard a conversation and why you felt the way you did about the conversation or for that matter how you felt overhearing it instead of hearing it directly…

Reflect on how you answered the phone or drove your car …

Reflect on your own actions and feelings and not worry so much about those of others …

This is how we learn about ourselves.. finding out why we do or feel the things we do

Now that I’ve given you some food for thought … have a good night and sweet dreams

Many Blessings,