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Daily Insight – It’s Just not in the Cards

As I shuffle my Vision Quest deck this morning and ask what the day has in store for us .. I lay down 3 cards … and then another… and another and one more.. so now I have six cards laid out across my desk. I scan across the cards looking for the insight that I am to share with you today and I hear a voice softly whisper … “It’s not in the cards, you seek is already with you.. it is implanted in your knowing already… you just have to trust what you already, instinctively know”
So there you have it … today’s insight.

It is one of the hardest things to do.. trusting yourself.. your abilities and the knowledge you instinctively carry inside yourself.

We always want to question that gut feeling and ask .. what if I’m wrong.

Today’s message is … TRUST

Many Blessings,


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WP_20140530_040Today’s message from Spirit:

There are stories inside you … some you have lived .. some you have yet to live … if you can learn how to listen to the stories within yourself .. your path will become clear … you will know the way home.

Many Blessings,

Being the Antenna

ravenwitchAs I was pondering what to post today for your daily dose of wisdom. I felt stuck… unsure of what to post about. And then in came to me. As soon as I let go of trying to force an idea or thought into my head… it was just there.

When trying to tune into the world around you, you must let go … don’t force it.

When we try to force ourselves into something, it rarely turns out the way we would imagine. No matter what it is, be it a thought, a project, a job, words of wisdom, or forcing yourself into “seeing” or “hearing” what normally goes unseen or unheard, it is best to let go of trying to force it and just allow it to come to you.

You must let down the walls and let go of trying so hard.  You are clogging the drain… Blocking the freeway… interrupting the signal. You have to clear the pipes and let it flow through you .. don’t try to hold on too strong or force it into being.

(keep in mind I am not speaking about what we do to manifest things into our lives .. that is a whole other blog… )

Think of yourself as an antenna … you must allow the current to flow through you to pick up the signals … antennas don’t hold on to the sound waves to send you the music … they just allow it to flow through them .

Many Blessings,

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