adapting to change

Being Thankful for the Storms

Life comes at us and we fight it. When we refuse to make needed changes in our lives, Spirit throws us into a storm that will tear down our world so that we have a chance to rebuild it the way it should be. Reflect back and look at the storms you have already survived. I am sure you will find certain things to be thankful for that in that moment you may not have thought you wanted or needed… but upon reflection you can be thankful for. Storms are meant to change us, the stronger more devastating they are the more we need changing. Think about where  you would be without the storms… I’m sure now you are seeing their benefit.

Many Blessings,

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The Evolution of Change

Changes are needed in our lives. We aren’t meant to stay the same… so change comes in and transforms us, molds us into something better, smarter, wiser. Change brings us lessons and growth and I bet if you think back to changes that have occurred in your life that the changes you thought you didn’t want .. you are now grateful for. They may not be wanted at first.. but they are needed.

Many Blessings,