hard work

Hello Spring!


It’s that time of year to think about what seeds you will be planting and how you would like them to grow.

What in your life do you want to see coming to fruition this year? Have you sewn the seeds to get your endeavors growing?

Before you can plant the seeds you have to get the ground ready. Lots of work has to be done before the seeds ever go into the ground. From that point on you must actively tend your garden to ensure it ripens to your liking.

Some people like to through out seeds and just see if they take root and then they accept whatever sprouts. There isn’t anything wrong with that … you just have to be happy with whatever comes from it and if the birds get to those seeds before they have the chance to take root and grow .. well then you have to wait another year and try again.

But, if you want something particular in your life you must do the work to bring it into being. Prepare the ground, carefully choose your seeds and tend to them as they begin to grow. At the end , you’ll have a harvest that you can be proud of. All the work you put into it will show and the reward, great!

What seeds will you be planting this year?

Many Blessings & Happy Spring!


upside down birdToday I got a great lesson in perspective. I posted an inspirational video online.. well it was “suppose” to be inspirational.

The theme of the video was to follow your path in life doing what makes you feel good, what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing. That’s the message I took away from the video.

To me, he speaker was saying … why work all your life doing something you hate when there are opportunities out there that enable you to do something you enjoy. The speaker spoke for a moment about working for the sake of just making more money and mentioned that in order to find happiness in our “Living” we may or may not have to take a pay cut… make your life about what you enjoy doing and not about just making a dollar. I totally understood where they were coming from. Especially since I had spent the previous day on the phone for well over an hour, being transferred from one person to the next in comcast’s customer service department. I went from one miserable person to the next … none wanting to actually give me any quality “customer service” .. until finally I came upon someone who didn’t hate their job and was actually wanting to help.

Another person viewed the same exact video and all they took from it was that everyone should do what they want and join Peter Pan in fantasy land. He said that it didn’t encourage hard work at all.

Wow! I don’t recall the speaker saying anything about slacking off. In fact I remember him saying that when you enjoy what you do you soon become an expert at whatever it is simply because you will put your whole self into it far more than a job you are doing simply to make a dollar. AND you will find yourself a much happier person while doing it.

For instance: Some people actually like working in customer service and enjoy helping others.. THOSE people will excel at their jobs while the others will just do the least expected to make that paycheck.

As with all things lets use some common sense folks. Don’t watch a video and quit your job without making sure your responsibilities are covered … instead take the inspiration from that video and go the extra mile to make your own dreams happen. Go back to school, learn a new hobby or trade, make the effort while keeping your responsibilities in life met.

The resources are there if you look long and hard enough. The change may not happen over night but with commitment and drive .. you will someday begin to live your dreams.

Many Blessings,

P.S. if your dream is to just sit on the sofa, stuffing your face and watching TV …. well I was going to say … find a new dream but now thinking about it for a moment .. I’m sure there is probably a job out there for you somewhere that will allow you to do just that! LOL

The Possibilities are Endless

You’ve heard it before…  “The possibilities are endless”

I’d like to argue but really I’d just be making excuses. If we want something bad enough … we have it in us to obtain whatever it is we seek.

Ok, so someone says … I’d like to obtain a million dollars…. well with work, planning and dedication.. I’m sure thats a goal one could certainly obtain.

Is it easy?

I don’t think that was ever a part of the phrase nor do I think anyone ever thought the two go hand in hand…  You know that other saying… “Nothing worth while comes easy”

Here are some thoughts I’d like to leave you with today ….

What is it you truly want?
How far are you willing to go to reach that goal?
Are you ready to work for it?
Do you believe you can do it?

What are you waiting for?

To quote from the movie Soul Surfer ” I don’t need easy, I just need possible.”

What possibilities are waiting for you?

Many Blessings,