Say Hello to Your New Awareness

Are your eyes open? Is there something you are blind to? Is there something you just aren’t seeing? Today I bring you an awareness of your own new awareness!!! LOL… YOU ARE AWAKE! You are not the same person you use to be… you are now seeing, hearing sensing and living in a whole new way.

Many Blessings,

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I know what it’s like…

Browsing through my memory bank, I found a few things.

People at work ask me all the time,  “How do you know so much?”… I tell them “because I’ve been through so much .. oh and because I’m curious” … they are referring to my knowledge of navigating my way around a computer and its various software and websites … I was referring to everything else!

So what else did I find in my memory banks besides how to find random crap on Google, navigate websites, set up email signatures on webmail sites and the ever so important troubleshooting abilities that allow me to walk my co-workers through  the many road blocks they encounter daily????

I found that I also know:

What’s like to fall and fall hard and what it’s like to get back up again.

I know what it’s like to hurt and how it feels when you can finally laugh again.

I know what it’s like to love with all my heart has to offer and the pain that comes when that love isn’t returned.

I know what it’s like to cry myself to sleep and yet get up the next morning with a new attitude and desire to get past whatever it was that made me so sad.

I know what it’s like to fail and then the joy it brings when I succeed.

I know what it’s like to laugh so much and so hard that you can’t breathe.

I know what it’s like to smile from the inside out.

I know what it’s like when you hit that wall and it feels like you just can’t go any further.

I know know what it’s like once you decide you can get past that wall and the moment you decide to lift your head and just keep moving forward.

I know what it’s like to feel alone.

I know what it’s like to miss someone.

I know what it’s like to want, to need, to hope, to dream, to wish with all that you can.

I know what it’s like to struggle.

I know what it’s like when someone understands and cares.

I know what it’s like to be surprised.

I know what it’s like to be disappointed.

I know what it’s like to fall behind.

I know what it’s like to get ahead.

I know what it’s like to be lost.

I know what it’s like to find yourself.. again and again and again…

I know what it’s like to see your dreams come true.

I know what it’s like realize that I know nothing at all.

I know what it’s like to know love.

I know how it feels when something comes easy.

I know how it feels to be misunderstood.

I know how it feels to be broken.

I know how it feels to be mended.

I know that life is what you make it.

I know that I still have learning to do.

I know what it’s like…….

I could keep going.. but I think you understand where I was going here…

When you think you’re behind in your knowing … browse your own memory banks and I bet you will discover as I did that you do know a thing or two and that the learning, growing and knowing never ends.

Many Blessings,

Daily Insight – Medicine Woman

Take a good look at this card … she has inside her a light ever glowing.. the sun although it sets, it’s light continues to shine. She also reveals to us an endless river, flowing from the heart this river is symbolic of her love. She holds in her hands, fire. Surrounding her is Spirit and Universal energy. She reminds us of what we each carry inside ourselves. We have the tools and the power to create whatever life we want for ourselves and we have the ability to heal with our own resources.

She holds her head up, proud of who she is and what she carries inside herself. She knows what power she holds and she uses it wisely and to the best of her abilities.

Know your own abilities, know that you have within you the necessary tools and resources to create the life you want. The Medicine Woman does not wait to become.. SHE IS.

Become aware of your own abilities, your own medicine inside… and you will see your world transform.

Many Blessings,

A Whisper of Something New

You know that feeling you get when your life is about to change? That feeling that stirs deep inside that whispers of moments to come? That moment that sneaks upon you in the silence of an ordinary day, that lets you know that more is on it’s way? There is a knowing as well as an unknowing. You know something new is coming into your life but just exactly what it is… is still unknown. You begin to wonder what this something new is. Will it be a new job, a new home, a new project or maybe a new aspect of yourself. Just what it is maybe unknown but there is a deep knowing that whatever it is … it’s becoming. Oh the mystery that surrounds us in our daily growing.

Many Blessings for a Beautiful Day,