Our Inner Instincts

crow 2This morning as I was driving to work I was thinking about one of the Olympic ads about a cross country skier I had seen last night. While I was watching the commercial, it made me think back to when I had that kind of determination as a child. I had found an old pair of roller skates at my Grandmother’s house, they were way to big at the time but I put them on anyway and began teaching myself how to skate in her living room. I can’t tell you how many times I fell down and got back up. The thing that stuck with me was how determined I was to stay upright on those skates and to be able to use them without having to hold onto things. I remember doing this for days and days, for hours at a time until I finally found myself skating without any trouble at all.

My mind then went to how fearless I once was. The road I lived on as a child was a steep hill with a level part right where my house was and then back to a steep hill again. I would skate up to the top of the hill and without consideration of traffic (thankfully back then there wasn’t much) I would then skate down the hill. I wish I knew how fast I was going.

At this point you are probably wondering what all this has to do with instinct, well I’m getting to that. The instinct comes from how I skated down that steep hill. Without anyone showing me how to do it, without seeing anyone else ever do it, somehow I just knew the best way to skate down the hill. By some magical inner knowing once I got to the top of the hill, I would squat down low as I made my way down the first steep section of the road, once the road started leveling out I would stand up and then as I approached the next steep section I would squat down again and ready myself to skate into an empty lot across the street from my house. Just before turning my body to glide into the empty lot I pushed one foot forward to keep me balanced as I transitioned from pavement to the grassy lot. This kept me balanced and shifted my weight to the back so that I wouldn’t go head over heels into the grass on my face. No one ever told me this and no one ever showed me and I had never seen it done. Something inside me just automatically knew what to do and what might happen if I didn’t do this. As a kid I never gave any thought to it. All I knew is how much fun it was to coast down that hill at full speed ahead.

Determination taught me how to skate, instinct kept me from killing myself.

When we stop over-thinking, when we let go and trust our inner knowing, when we let go of our fears… we find the tools to do anything we wish to accomplish.

Many Blessings,

Daily Insight – The Voice of Guidance


Today I pulled 3 cards from the deck.. studied them for a moment and then had this feeling deep down inside me that this was not what I was suppose to post about today. I took those 3 cards, placed them back in the deck and put them away. So, what is it that I am suppose to be talking about today?

Trusting that voice inside you that guides you in the right direction.

Everyone has those moments when you pause just before doing something, saying something or making some sort of decision. It’s that moment when a voice from somewhere inside you says “Choose another way”. In that moment we either listen to that voice or we start an argument with it. Many will tend to question both decisions… and then find themselves completely unsure of what to do next. The answer was already given to you but you didn’t listen. You didn’t trust it.

Today’s message is to start trusting that guidance … take baby steps if you must but start following your own inner guide.

So was I right today? Did this help you in the place that you are right now in your life? Let me know!

Many Blessings,

Daily Insight – Trusting Yourself

Trusting Yourself…. yeah … ok … this one is a HARD one!

I’m not sure about everyone else… but I was taught to question everything and that included myself. No one ever said to me that I shouldn’t trust myself but no one ever said I should either.

Looking back at my life so far.. I wish that I had someone to teach me to trust myself and my innermost feelings. Soooooooooooooo many things could have been avoided, had I gone with my instincts instead of questioning what I already knew and felt.

I cannot tell you exactly how to begin finding your own self trust… all I can say is that once you start believing in your own abilities and trusting your inner knowing.. life will start to come together as it has never done before. We all must find our own way down our individual path in life… my goal here is to be a flashlight in the night to help you see what is in front of you when all seems to be cloaked in the darkness of getting by.

I am here to tell you that it is well worth the efforts to stop doubting yourself, your abilities and your own knowing. I can tell you that when I have followed my instincts, I have found a much happier, healthy and enlightening trail along my path. The rewards are far more than just being right… the rewards go much deeper. Choosing to trust your intuition and following that knowledge, fills you with something that I cannot describe.. I only wish that you too will be able to experience the same.

Start out with small steps and pay attention to that stirring inside you that whispers.. turn this way … follow this road… stop… do this.. do that… or that whisper that tells you .. run … go the other way…. don’t travel that particular path. Whatever that whisper is inside you .. listen to it and trust it. The more you begin doing this.. the more you will start trusting and understanding who you are and where you belong and where you are going.

Many Blessings,