Daily Insight – The Voice of Guidance


Today I pulled 3 cards from the deck.. studied them for a moment and then had this feeling deep down inside me that this was not what I was suppose to post about today. I took those 3 cards, placed them back in the deck and put them away. So, what is it that I am suppose to be talking about today?

Trusting that voice inside you that guides you in the right direction.

Everyone has those moments when you pause just before doing something, saying something or making some sort of decision. It’s that moment when a voice from somewhere inside you says “Choose another way”. In that moment we either listen to that voice or we start an argument with it. Many will tend to question both decisions… and then find themselves completely unsure of what to do next. The answer was already given to you but you didn’t listen. You didn’t trust it.

Today’s message is to start trusting that guidance … take baby steps if you must but start following your own inner guide.

So was I right today? Did this help you in the place that you are right now in your life? Let me know!

Many Blessings,


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