Day: March 4, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened

IMG_20130226_150943A funny thing happened to me today. All last week I was quizzing folks at the office with: What did they want to be when they grow up? I was doing this for a  project I have in mind to do at some point.

Today .. I helped a new agent with some things and when it was all said and done she sent me a thank you email that stated:
“When I grow up…  I wanna be like you”

Funny part is .. she had no idea about the quiz project I was working on last week.

It was a really nice piece of my day and made me giggle thinking of how it intertwined with last weeks quizzing. It also makes me think of how we are so connected and how the things that you send out in the world do actually come back around to you … sooner or later. I was glad this one came back sooner.

Many Blessings,

Daily Insight for March 4th

4 of Fire  – Completion

Something important is reaching it’s final point. Accept that everything in life has a beginning, middle and end. Welcome the fact that every process, every situation contains its own dissolution.  We can’t start a process and be done with it if we have not allowed ourselves to go all the way through it. Don’t be afraid of the ending. Endings are needed for new beginnings.

10 of Fire – Oppression

Are you sitting on your energy? Holding on to it too tight? If you hold on too tightly .. your energy cannot flow. Let go of what inner stresses may be holding you back. Begin meditations to help release this tension. You cannot move forward by holding back your energy. Let go. Allow it to flow.

Mother of Air  – Self-Awareness

Let go of those ideas of who you think you should be, who others think you should be and allow yourself to be YOU. Own who you are and let all other masks fall away. Trust in who you are and the gifts that dwell inside you. Your development will move forward more quickly by letting go of all preconceived notions of those expectations we put on ourselves and those that others may project onto us as well. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and don’t fear letting others see the true you.

Many Blessings,