Day: March 5, 2013

Daily Insight – Courage

son of fireToday’s card is Son of Fire – He represents courage, creativity, passion and vitality. 

The message: You must not be afraid to go after your dream, goals and ambitions. Like a young man who sees himself indestructible… he fears nothing… he goes after what he wants… he believes he will achieve whatever he sets his mind to. With this kind of vital force, he will achieve whatever he sets out to conquer.

No matter the subject you wish to conquer … be it overcoming fears, going after a career, learning something new or a million other things that may be on your list… go for it. Don’t sit idle and wish your life away …. take initiative and take those necessary steps forward to achieving whatever it is that sets your heart and soul on fire. YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

Many Blessings,