Month: February 2013

Dealing with Hate

hollydarksmallIn my life, I have been told many things. Negative thoughts, words and actions have come my way more than I’d like to say.

I’ve been told I was nothing and that I would never be anything.
I’ve been called names, names that are too hurtful to repeat.
I’ve been made fun of.
I’ve been pushed around.
I’ve been bullied.
I’ve been ignored.
I’ve been beaten.
I’ve been over-looked.
I’ve been pushed aside.
I’ve been taken for granted.
I’ve been stalked.
I’ve been abused.
I’ve been made to feel worthless.

I’ve been hurt in many ways but here I am.

I stand here with a smile upon my face and love in my heart… despite those who have tried to take me down. I won’t lie and tell you it hasn’t been hard. There were many times I just wanted to give up and disappear. Something inside me said… this is not you and this is not how it will end. Something inside me said I was far more than others would have had me to believe. I took that little voice and held it close to my heart and allowed myself to believe that I was more and that I would rise above what had been said and done to me.

I’m sure that my struggles are far from over … just as I’m sure that I’m a fighter and a survivor in this life and I’m not done yet.

For all of those going through the struggles of life .. I’d like to say .. don’t give up … believe in yourself. Don’t let others get you down and don’t for one minute believe in their negativity. There will always be someone wanting to make you feel less than simply because they themselves feel less than. Get yourself away from those kind of people. Their opinions and actions reflect who they are and have nothing at all to do with who you are.

You are who YOU decide you are !

Many Blessings,

February Full Moon

nearly full moonFebruary’s Full Moon is known as the Storm Moon, the Death Moon or Quickening Moon.

This is a time for fertility and strength. For most people in the Northern Hemisphere, February is a time of storms and bleak, short days. In the olden days, it was a time of true hardship.

This is a good time to concentrate on things to help you face life’s challenges. You could concentrate on the idea of weathering the storm and giving yourself the extra stamina to succeed. This is also a time of cleansing both internally and externally. As such, it’s a great time to get rid of physical things you don’t need and any mental or emotional baggage you might be hauling around with you, too.

Declutter your life and declutter your mind!
It’s time to make room for new things to bloom within ourselves as well as within our lives. 

Many Blessings,


upside down birdToday I got a great lesson in perspective. I posted an inspirational video online.. well it was “suppose” to be inspirational.

The theme of the video was to follow your path in life doing what makes you feel good, what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing. That’s the message I took away from the video.

To me, he speaker was saying … why work all your life doing something you hate when there are opportunities out there that enable you to do something you enjoy. The speaker spoke for a moment about working for the sake of just making more money and mentioned that in order to find happiness in our “Living” we may or may not have to take a pay cut… make your life about what you enjoy doing and not about just making a dollar. I totally understood where they were coming from. Especially since I had spent the previous day on the phone for well over an hour, being transferred from one person to the next in comcast’s customer service department. I went from one miserable person to the next … none wanting to actually give me any quality “customer service” .. until finally I came upon someone who didn’t hate their job and was actually wanting to help.

Another person viewed the same exact video and all they took from it was that everyone should do what they want and join Peter Pan in fantasy land. He said that it didn’t encourage hard work at all.

Wow! I don’t recall the speaker saying anything about slacking off. In fact I remember him saying that when you enjoy what you do you soon become an expert at whatever it is simply because you will put your whole self into it far more than a job you are doing simply to make a dollar. AND you will find yourself a much happier person while doing it.

For instance: Some people actually like working in customer service and enjoy helping others.. THOSE people will excel at their jobs while the others will just do the least expected to make that paycheck.

As with all things lets use some common sense folks. Don’t watch a video and quit your job without making sure your responsibilities are covered … instead take the inspiration from that video and go the extra mile to make your own dreams happen. Go back to school, learn a new hobby or trade, make the effort while keeping your responsibilities in life met.

The resources are there if you look long and hard enough. The change may not happen over night but with commitment and drive .. you will someday begin to live your dreams.

Many Blessings,

P.S. if your dream is to just sit on the sofa, stuffing your face and watching TV …. well I was going to say … find a new dream but now thinking about it for a moment .. I’m sure there is probably a job out there for you somewhere that will allow you to do just that! LOL

On This Journey

IMG_8415On this journey one cannot help but pick up things along the way. Some of the things that we pick up are: lessons, beliefs, habits, ideas and fears. We aren’t born with any of these .. they are all added to who we are as we travel along our journey. Some are needed and some, once lived, are no longer needed. They are like barriers that keep us from moving forward.

It’s a good idea to take some reflection time throughout our journey to assess which of these are still valuable and beneficial to us and which are no longer needed.

It’s much easier said than done. Some of the things that we pick up, come to us in a dramatic way and effect our lives greatly. Getting rid of whats no longer needed can be a process all on its own that is daunting and very hard to deal with.

Take your time and allow yourself to come to terms with whatever it may be that you are ridding from your life. Create a ritual, ceremony or have a party to help you make this change or transformation in your life. This can be a private matter or include your closest friends and family. Sometimes it helps to have those who support you, at your side when making such an affirmation. Some might say Life Changing.

Imagine for a moment … throwing a party and inviting all your friends over to help you celebrate getting over one of your greatest fears. It could be anything from a fear of flying to being afraid of the dark or even something like a fear of relationships or speaking in public.

What barriers will you be breaking down? Celebrate it!

Many Blessings,

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What’s Waiting For You?

sunny knoll
It’s a bright, beautiful day and there you are laying on a sunny knoll surrounded by a thick line of trees and shrubs. You find yourself in this place often. You lay there under the blue skies day dreaming of what might be just beyond the trees.

The mysteries that await you … some could be good and yet some may be bad. Will you ever know? Your mind reels with wonder. Thoughts of the love that could be waiting just on the other side or what about the adventures that could be had? Your mind then turns to what pain and sorrow one might encounter and what monsters may be lurking there. Will you ever find out?

There are so many possibilities but to know what those possibilities are you have to pick yourself up off that sunny spot on the knoll and venture out beyond what you know.

The question of the day is: Are you one of those people always dreaming but never doing or are you one of those people who take those dreams and turn them into your own reality?

The knoll is safe… it’s soft and comfortable and it’s what you know….

The world outside the knoll is another story … or even many stories …. you do not know what they are or how they will end .. you just know that they are there waiting.

So….. which dreamer are you?

Many Blessings,

Knocking at Your Door

purple passion

Magic is knocking …. knock, knock knocking at your door.
Will you let it in or leave it waiting behind the door?

It’s there all around you, waiting for you to notice…
Wondering if you’ll ever overcome this sad kind of blindness.

Magic is knocking …. knock, knock knocking at your door.
Will you let it in or leave it for others to explore?

Sometimes it’s easy to see and at other times it may not.
Once we begin to believe… it’s noticed quite a lot!

Magic is knocking …. knock, knock knocking at your door.
Will you let it in or are you still unsure?

Magic doesn’t hurt, not one little bit.
It heals hurt, pain and sorrow and lifts the Spirit!

Magic is knocking …. knock, knock knocking at your door.
Will you let it in or carry on without a notion just like before?

Magic is knocking …. knock, knock knocking at your door.

Many Blessings,