What’s Waiting For You?

sunny knoll
It’s a bright, beautiful day and there you are laying on a sunny knoll surrounded by a thick line of trees and shrubs. You find yourself in this place often. You lay there under the blue skies day dreaming of what might be just beyond the trees.

The mysteries that await you … some could be good and yet some may be bad. Will you ever know? Your mind reels with wonder. Thoughts of the love that could be waiting just on the other side or what about the adventures that could be had? Your mind then turns to what pain and sorrow one might encounter and what monsters may be lurking there. Will you ever find out?

There are so many possibilities but to know what those possibilities are you have to pick yourself up off that sunny spot on the knoll and venture out beyond what you know.

The question of the day is: Are you one of those people always dreaming but never doing or are you one of those people who take those dreams and turn them into your own reality?

The knoll is safe… it’s soft and comfortable and it’s what you know….

The world outside the knoll is another story … or even many stories …. you do not know what they are or how they will end .. you just know that they are there waiting.

So….. which dreamer are you?

Many Blessings,

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