Don’t Stop Now!!!

Remember just a short time ago during the New moon when you had all this energy and hopes for your dreams coming true? Well you need to tap back into that energy and keep moving forward. Spirit shows me everyone starting to slow down, but encourages us all to keep moving forward. It may feel like you aren’t going anywhere at the moment but all the small things you are doing now will add up to something big after the next full moon which is less than a week away!

Many Blessings,

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Daily Insight – Courage

son of fireToday’s card is Son of Fire – He represents courage, creativity, passion and vitality. 

The message: You must not be afraid to go after your dream, goals and ambitions. Like a young man who sees himself indestructible… he fears nothing… he goes after what he wants… he believes he will achieve whatever he sets his mind to. With this kind of vital force, he will achieve whatever he sets out to conquer.

No matter the subject you wish to conquer … be it overcoming fears, going after a career, learning something new or a million other things that may be on your list… go for it. Don’t sit idle and wish your life away …. take initiative and take those necessary steps forward to achieving whatever it is that sets your heart and soul on fire. YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

Many Blessings,

Daily Insight – When the Time is Right

There’s an old saying folks use all the time.. “when the time is right… it will happen”

However true that may be… the time will never be right if you don’t continue walking toward that goal.

You can’t expect to sit and wait for the right time to come by.. you have to take action and do your part in attaining the goal you seek to reach.

Don’t allow “Well, it’s just not time” to be your excuse.

The right time will show itself while you are busy working toward that goal.. certainly not while you are sitting on the curb waiting for it.

So, what are you waiting for? You have work to do!

Many Blessings,

All it Takes is Remembering

IMG_8987Today I want to take you back … back in time to the days when you felt you had the world in your hands and you just knew that someday all your dreams would come true.

You may have been 5 and just starting school.. ready to learn all that you could.

You may have been 9, in that in between age of being a kid and being a teenager.

You may have been 13 and just starting Junior High…  or you may have been 16 with a license to go wild … .your freedom in the form of a little plastic card with your picture on it.

You may have been 18, graduating high school  ready to leave home and branch out on your own.

You may have been 21 and now the world truly was in your hands … no rules holding you back!

You may have been 35 and finally coming into your knowing…

You may have been in your 40’s and well … the little things no longer mattered.

No matter what the age was when you felt like the world was yours … when you had high hopes, dreams and long-standing goals… go back now to that time… even if it was just for a moment … go back

Remember what that felt like…

Remember how mountains were merely anthills and rivers were never too wide.

Now remember those hopes and dreams… remember the goals you once had…

Remember your ambition and your readiness to take on whatever lies before you.


Explore those thoughts today is all I ask…..

Many Blessings,