The Experience and Knowledge of Age

Today I share with you a story about a youngster backpacking across the country and the questions he asks when he meets new people. ENJOY!

Many Blessings,

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Alignment is Coming

There are so many things being said about the “Big Event” of this year…. End of the world, planetary alignment, shifting of he continents, blah blah blah…. so on and so on.

There will be some planets lining up this year… I think 6 of them will fall in line for a moment or two…. but that’s not the “Big Event”. The Alignment that changes things will come from another source. Something far less expected and much harder to see. This alignment is something that will be felt far more than seen. Eventually it will come into sight, but at first it will only be noticeable by feeling. And not the type of feeling you do with your hands! LOL

This alignment that will be happening, is an alignment of souls.

“Alignment of souls” that is the exact term I am given.

People of like mind will be brought together more quickly than ever before and in much larger numbers. These people will begin to work together. The more that come together… the more things begin to change. Change for the better. Eyes will open, life will change and alignment begins. In fact it has already begun.. it’s been going on for some time now, each day that passes, it grows.  Each day it will become more and more noticeable. Even those still asleep will take notice soon.

This is the “Big Event”.

I am given this vision and thought:  “A sapling in the forest begins to grow.. you may walk past this sapling a hundred times and never even notice it is there until one day it has grown so large that you have to change your path or stop where you are.” This is a time of knowing. We are coming into acknowledgement of self … we are becoming more aware of our walk upon this Earth and its effect on all things. We are also as individuals becoming more aware of our own inner powers and gifts. More of us are learning to use them and have begun exercising them.

Those dreams you are now starting to remember…. that’s part of your training.
Those visions that come to you while you  are not even asleep… more training.
Those feelings stirring inside you and that voice guiding you … training.
That knowledge that just came to you without you knowing you knew… training.

Trust the Earth and what it gives to you. Trust that universal connection to others.  Begin trusting yourself!

Many Blessings,

Finding Trust

Finding Trust in yourself…. finding it in others is a whole other topic!

The question of the day is: How do you know when you can trust that little voice in your head?

This is a hard one to answer, but I will do my best to help you along.

I can only speak from personal experiences, so please keep this in mind as you continue to read.

For years I would push that little voice of knowing in my head away  for fear of “what if I’m wrong”. Time and time again I would ignore the voice and go another way with whatever it was before me. Time and time again I realized that I should have listened to that little voice.  I’m sure many of you are nodding your head and can relate. If only we could go back and actually go with that first thought.. that gut instinct. If only we could have trusted what we already seemed to know.

I’m not sure when I finally started trusting that voice. I just know that once I did .. everything started to fall into place a lot more often. As I continued trusting that inner knowing, my trust for following that voice grew and grew. It wasn’t something that just happened over night and from time to time I still find myself thinking “what if I’m wrong”, but that is far less these days then in times past.

I remember distinctly a particular time in my life when chaos was all around me. I was having a migraine that had at that point lasted for more than 3 days.  I was desperate for relief. I remember sitting at my desk at home, with my head in my hands asking for help from the universe. Suddenly I had this urge to take a piece of amethyst I had laying on the book shelf behind me … go up to bed and go to sleep. The likely hood of me falling to sleep with this headache wasn’t very good, but I did it anyway. I thought to myself, what do I have to lose. I actually fell asleep and fell asleep quickly. I woke up with the amethyst still in my hand and no headache at all. I was a bit startled by it all and in disbelief. I ran straight down to my computer to look up the properties of amethyst. The first thing listed on the site I first clicked was headache relief. OMG! How did I know to do that? It was the craziest thing ever that I knew without knowing I knew.

When situations came up after that one that were similar.. I would just go with that instinct and do what I was being urged to do. I would always look up the info after the fact and find that I was right in doing whatever it was at that time. This is when I started trusting myself more and more. The more things that came into my life and the more that I went with my instinct … the more that I trusted my own inner knowledge.

I won’t say that the struggle was suddenly gone… but having the courage to just take that leap of faith in yourself was the key.

If anyone is worth taking a leap of faith for.. let that someone be you. Trust yourself. You are worth it!

Many Blessing,



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Time for Learning

It is time now to broaden your knowledge… be it on a particular subject of interest… be it a craft or hobby or be it learning more about the people around you … take the time to increase your knowing.

Take time to listen to the stories of other people’s lives.

Take time to learn more about the world around you…

Take time to understand things you thought you already understood.

There is more to know than what you think is obvious. There is the underlying truth beyond what you see. Open yourself up to understanding with all of your senses and you will find there is so much more to know. There will be an understanding that you did not even realize existed.

There will be some that understand this message fully and then there will be those who just don’t get it. Which are you?

Many Blessings,

Hitting the Wall

Most of us have been there at some point in our lives ..

No matter what it is we are facing …. somewhere down the line is that wall.

Sometimes it comes up and we are able to maneuver around it .. other times it’s merely a speed bump on our path.. and other times it is a solid wall that we hit full force.. straight on … and it stops us dead in our tracks.

The question of the day is: How do we get past that wall once it has stopped us in our tracks?

I won’t pretend it’s any easy feat … words are easy .. it’s easy to talk about what we can do and how we should feel about that wall and ideas of how we overcome that wall … but the act of actually doing it is a whole other story.

Depending on where we are in our life and what else is going on in our life and a list of many other factors play a part in how and if we make it past that wall.

The point of today’s post is to simply let you know you are not alone. So many of us have had to face that wall. Don’t beat yourself up if.. for now.. you can’t make it past that wall.

Take your time.. maybe it’s not meant for you to get past it .. maybe you need to do some reflecting on why that wall is there.. maybe this.. maybe that … just don’t beat yourself up over it.

Life is hard enough as it is… that wall doesn’t help .. obsessing over it make it even worse… just know that you are not alone when it comes to meeting that wall… many have been there and many will find themselves there at some point.

Many Blessings,