second guessing

Fighting with Yourself

We all do this.. we all fight that inner knowing inside ourselves. We argue with what we already know. We allow doubt and fear to build in our minds and second guess ourselves and when we do that we make foolish decisions. We mess our own lives up because of a self planted fear or doubt. Why are we so afraid to trust ourselves?? Let’s make a new pact this year and stopping fighting with what we already know.

Many Blessings,

Day Dream Journal

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Here’s a new twist on the old fashioned journal. We have our every day journals… and then we have dream journals… how about a Day Dream Journal??

This is a journal that would log in all thoughts random thoughts and visions that come to you throughout your day. This isn’t a standard log of your daily activities.. this is more of a log to keep track and look back on previous messages, thoughts, visions, etc that seem to randomly come into mind through your day.

Why do this? This is a great tool for those who often doubt their instincts and those first thoughts about this or that. Use this journal to write down those gut feelings, those random messages that sneak into our minds, those visions of something unexpected. Later, you will be able to look back and see what came true, what didn’t…. you’ll see when you were spot on and when maybe you were on the right track but slightly off.

This journal is meant to help you begin trusting yourself and the inner knowing that you are always second guessing 🙂  It’s also a great way to become more aware of your thoughts and processes.

If you start keeping a Day Dream Journal.. let me know how it works for you .. I’d love to hear your stories!

Many Blessings,