Our Inner Medicine Man

Shuffling my cards this morning to see what message Spirit brings and straight away the medicine man card flew right out of my hands. A sure sign that we need to pay extra attention to the message this card brings us.

Ahhhhhhhhh yes… this message is very clear. You are already what you seek. Step away from “Wanting to Become” and dance in the reality of “What Is”.

This is something we all struggle at different points in our lives. We over think situations, over think our own thinking, over think our own knowing and our instincts… we over think everything . If we can find that place in ourselves where we can just allow things to be as they are and trust what we already know, feel and believe .. that’s where the magic happens.

We are already who we are suppose to be and we already have the gifts we wish to have… we just have to stop fighting with ourselves to allow ourselves to be just that and to use and trust those gifts that are already inside us.

So the message today is: There is a Medicine man in every one of us.. we just have to trust that knowledge and allow it to be so.

Many Blessings,


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