The Road We’re On

IMG_5029Uphill… downhill…. good… bad…. treacherous… smooth …. straight …. crooked …. no matter the condition of the road your on … it’s YOUR road.

You can focus on all the flaws, holes and obstacles or you can do the best with what you have… that’s entirely up to you.

What you do while on your road is also your own making … but beware.. what you do on your road stays on your road. So be careful not to add obstacles that don’t need to be there.

No two roads are alike.. similar they may be but never exactly the same… what worked for someone else may or may not work for you… so don’t try walking in someone elses footsteps expecting the same outcome… rarely does that ever work out.

No matter your road, walk it in peace with love and honor in your heart. You’ll feel much better as you make your way and be able to hold your head up and say … I did my best.
It doesn’t mean you did everything right .. but at least you tried.

Be kind to others and be kind to yourself.

Many blessings,

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