Month: May 2011


Today Spirit offers me up one word… IMAGINE

As I ponder upon the word I’ve been given…  the message becomes clear.

IMAGINE the life you want to live and walk in that direction.

We dream … we believe in that dream .. and then we start walking toward that dream … whether the dream is realized or not .. you have taken the steps to get you as near to the dream as possible.

Your world is truly what you make it to be … not saying bad things don’t happen ….

The bad things that happen in our lives build strength, courage and growth .. not saying those things don’t suck .. just saying they help build the parts of us we at some point didn’t even know were there.

Take a quick glance back at the things you have already overcome…

Now imagine the life you want .. believe in that image and walk toward it without fear.

Many Blessings,


The Long and Winding Road

IMG_5029Remember that we are each born with everything we need to succeed.

Not saying it won’t be a battle… and certainly not saying it will be a smooth and easy road

The road to success lies before us and it’s a long, treacherous road with lots of hills and valleys, with loose rock and sink holes….

How we maneuver down that road makes all the difference….

We must keep our ultimate goal in mind and continue walking in that direction no matter what obstacles come before us.

We must not give up … the goal is there … we just have to keep walking toward it.

Know that you have what it takes to reach that goal and push forward! YOU WILL GET THERE!

Many Blessings,

Feeling Disconnected?

Feeling Disconnected?

We often go through periods in our life where we feel completely disconnected to everything… even to ourselves.

The question is …. how to reconnect?

Life gets busy and we find ourselves buzzing here … buzzing there .. nonstop.. we are doing doing and doing all day long … we get overloaded with so much … we then start cutting strings without knowing that’s what’s going on…  it’s needed so that we don’t blow a fuse or two…  life begins to slow down a little and suddenly we realize this …  we get that disconnected feeling but have no idea why it is now that we feel so disconnected. .

Not so simple.. depending where you are on your path and what’s going on in your life .. you might find that though you try many different things.. you just can’t seem to connect.

Sometimes it’s a matter of life telling us we need a break. We need some time to rest and recharge… take some  time to do just that … get outside and take a walk… read that book you’ve been meaning to read… take long hot baths… whatever it is .. take some time to yourself … get that much needed rest and don’t worry so much about that connection.. it will soon be back and life will be back in that groove you are use to.

Take that time for yourself and oh yeah .. DON’T LET YOURSELF FEEL GUILTY for taking that much needed break!

Many Blessings,

All it Takes is Remembering

IMG_8987Today I want to take you back … back in time to the days when you felt you had the world in your hands and you just knew that someday all your dreams would come true.

You may have been 5 and just starting school.. ready to learn all that you could.

You may have been 9, in that in between age of being a kid and being a teenager.

You may have been 13 and just starting Junior High…  or you may have been 16 with a license to go wild … .your freedom in the form of a little plastic card with your picture on it.

You may have been 18, graduating high school  ready to leave home and branch out on your own.

You may have been 21 and now the world truly was in your hands … no rules holding you back!

You may have been 35 and finally coming into your knowing…

You may have been in your 40’s and well … the little things no longer mattered.

No matter what the age was when you felt like the world was yours … when you had high hopes, dreams and long-standing goals… go back now to that time… even if it was just for a moment … go back

Remember what that felt like…

Remember how mountains were merely anthills and rivers were never too wide.

Now remember those hopes and dreams… remember the goals you once had…

Remember your ambition and your readiness to take on whatever lies before you.


Explore those thoughts today is all I ask…..

Many Blessings,

Work Funny Hahaha

OK so I was working in another office on Tuesday and I was off Wednesday of this week. I got to work this morning and an agent had emailed me a flier she wanted printed. Soooooooooo, when she emailed me, my auto-responder was sent to her letting her know I was not in the office. She replied to the auto-responder with “Ok” as if I had sent her the auto-responder personally. Since she replied sending me another email… that same auto-responder of course went right back out to her again. She then replies back to that auto-responder with, “I said ok”. hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bless her heart!


Remember we are all a work in progress….
Don’t sweat the small stuff … perfection comes from being perfectly YOU.

The message from Spirit today is to not let the small things in life cause you stress.. the details will work themselves out as long as you are walking in the direction of your goals.

IMG_5029Kinks are just learning tools.. they keep us on our toes and refocus us on our journey.

When things are going smooth for too long … we tend to then start sleepwalking through life… the autopilot kicks in and we miss so much.

Just like when you do that daily drive home for the 7,000th time and think back… how did I get here? You suddenly can’t remember if the light was red or green when you drove through it and you can’t remember any of the small details about your drive.. all you know is that you’re home now.

So when you come across a kink in your plan… don’t stress… just continue walking toward your goal with love in your heart and all will work itself out.

What is meant to be will be.

Many Blessings,