When will you be happy?

Do you ever hear yourself saying things like….

I’ll be happy when I get a new car

I’ll be happy when I loose weight

I’ll be happy when I find love

I’ll be happy when I own my own home

I’ll be happy when I find a better job

I’ll be happy when …..

How about being happy right here .. right now?

I’m not in any way suggesting that you settle … but what I am saying is that why wait to be happy .. we can be happy right here and right now while we walk toward our goals.. no need to wait til those goals are met.. because I dare say .. if you aren’t happy walking toward those goals.. what makes you think meeting that goal will magically change your mindset and make you happy right then  at the very moment that goal is met.

IMG_9620Happiness begins when you allow yourself to be so.

Choose right here .. right now for that moment to begin!

Smile and love with your whole heart and watch what happens 🙂

Many Blessings,

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