Day: May 23, 2011

Feeling Disconnected?

Feeling Disconnected?

We often go through periods in our life where we feel completely disconnected to everything… even to ourselves.

The question is …. how to reconnect?

Life gets busy and we find ourselves buzzing here … buzzing there .. nonstop.. we are doing doing and doing all day long … we get overloaded with so much … we then start cutting strings without knowing that’s what’s going on…  it’s needed so that we don’t blow a fuse or two…  life begins to slow down a little and suddenly we realize this …  we get that disconnected feeling but have no idea why it is now that we feel so disconnected. .

Not so simple.. depending where you are on your path and what’s going on in your life .. you might find that though you try many different things.. you just can’t seem to connect.

Sometimes it’s a matter of life telling us we need a break. We need some time to rest and recharge… take some  time to do just that … get outside and take a walk… read that book you’ve been meaning to read… take long hot baths… whatever it is .. take some time to yourself … get that much needed rest and don’t worry so much about that connection.. it will soon be back and life will be back in that groove you are use to.

Take that time for yourself and oh yeah .. DON’T LET YOURSELF FEEL GUILTY for taking that much needed break!

Many Blessings,