Month: June 2011

It’s NOT Okay!

I wrote this several years ago…  and you know.. I STILL find myself saying this …  not as much .. but I still do say it even tho I don’t mean it. Personal or professional life.. we all do this in one way or another.

It’s OK

… how often do you find yourself saying this???

Someone does something intentional sometimes and most times not. It leaves you with  bad feelings in one way or another and you say .. “It’s ok”.

But is it really ok?

What do you do with those feelings you are left with?

Are you able to manage them away? Do you just bury them deep inside you..  in that place where we often place the things we don’t want to deal with .. or don’t know how to deal with .. or are afraid to deal with?

I find myself so often saying this little phrase… as small as it is … it can be very damaging inside.

Not sure how to stop myself from just saying “it’s ok”. Being the kind of person that I am, always wanting to please others and not make anyone feel bad .. wanting to fix all that is wrong with the world. How do I stop myself from saying “it’s ok” and still not feel guilty for possibly making someone feel bad because of it?

Another question in saying that is why is it “I” feel guilty about telling someone it’s NOT ok  and that I am hurt or feeling negative from whatever it was that happened? Especially when I am speaking about something the other person did or said .. because that is the reason we say “it’s ok” to begin with. Telling them not to worry about their words or actions. Telling them not to worry that their words or actions may be causing pain to another.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. oh dear ..  it looks like I have opened yet another can of worms inside myself.. now how to work it all out and learn from it and heal myself from all the many years of saying “it’s ok”.

and …..

Will the day ever come that I will find myself not ever HAVING to say “it’s ok” ???

I guess only time will tell .. but I’m certainly not holding my breath…lol

I’d DIE! lol

Many Blessings,

The Owl

In honor of the owl that visited me this morning .. thank you for the gift 🙂


The owl is the symbol of the feminine, the moon and the night.
The owl is the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom.

The owl is associated with Athena.

An owl totem gives you the power to extract secrets.
Meditate on the owl and things will be revealed.
Listen to its voice inside of you.

You will hear not what is being said by others, but what is hidden.  
You can detect subtleties of voice that others cannot.
People cannot deceive a person who has an owl totem.

Owl people can see into the darkness of others souls.
Most owl people are clairvoyant because of this ability.
It can be very scary at times.
Learn to trust your instincts about people.
Let your owl totem guide you.

Snowy Owl
Conserve your energy until the time is right; be observant of your surroundings.
Has the power of prophecy.

Barn Owl
This totem reflects the ability to the heart and the mind.
It can connect you to spirits and the houses that they haunt.
Mediums and “ghost hunters” often have this totem.
This totem can give you very strong clairvoyant abilities.

Barred or Spotted Owl
People with totem can appear threatening on the outside,  but are actually very benign.
This Owl can teach us how to use your voice to great effect.

Screech Owl
Very courageous and ferocious, this Owl teaches you how to be a fierce individual
with an ability to cooperate with others.

Short-Eared Owl
This Owl gives you the ability to show up at the right place –  to take advantage of opportunity.
The Owl represents a blend of fire and air; they stir a passion for life  and fire the inspiration.
They awaken the imagination.

Great Horned Owl 
This Owl is a fierce protector. 
It is the lunar opposite of the Red-Tailed Hawk (who represents the Sun). 
Gives the ability to adapt to constant changing environments. 
The harbinger of Spring. 
Does not have a good sense of smell and may impart this trait to its totem people.

How About Today???

How About Today

How About Today…. We find happiness

How About Today…. We bring our dreams to reality

How About Today…. We find peace within

How About Today…. We see the endless possibilities life brings

How About Today…. We stop making excuses

How About Today…. We love everyone.. no matter what

How About Today…. We take a stand for what we believe in

How About Today…. We take a chance

How About Today…. We make the best of what we have

How About Today…. We release the past

How About Today…. We do something just for the sake of making someone else feel better

How About Today…. We plant new seeds of growth

How About Today…. We look on the bright side

How About Today…. We smile all day long

How About Today…. We do something new/different

How About Today…. We allow understanding for ourselves

How About Today…. We share what we have

How About Today…. We step forward

How About Today…. We join together as one

How About Today?

Many Blessings,


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Nominate me in Best of Music City

Allow Yourself

With life being ….. well LIFE .. we often find ourselves shutting things out. Lots of things… in fact far more than we realize. You can’t live a life closed off from life’s experiences. You have to allow yourself to FEEL … to LOVE … to CREATE … to LIVE!

Allow healing…. Allow laughter…. Allow sorrow… Allow pain… Allow love… Allow appreciation….. Allow yourself all things from all experiences.

Just like that great quote: To know great happiness you must first experience great sorrow.

It’s true… How would we know happiness if we didn’t understand and know the depths of pain and sorrow?

We get hurt and we put up a wall… we fail and we put up another wall… we become unhappy and we put up even more walls.. sooner or later we are just surrounded by walls and we are not only keeping the bad things out but we aren’t letting the good things in either.  So we doom ourselves to carry on living without experiencing.

If I had put up a wall every time I got hurt or failed at something … OMG .. I would be a hermit living in a vast forest with no contact with the world at all. I’d be so sad, alone and I would have died in the same way … very sad and very alone..

I can’t imagine missing all the moments of love, beauty, magic and wonder… I would have missed it all if I had put up walls from past hurts.

Not meeting my bestest friends… would have also been missed if I had of put up walls and closed myself off to new friendships because of past friendships gone wrong.

If I had closed myself off to the world… I don’t think I could paint or create a thing… for what experiences would I be able to draw from except from pain and solitude?

My message today: Don’t be afraid to fall down… getting up and giving it your all is well worth a few scrapes and bruises along the way… LIVING is so much better than existing.

Many Blessings,

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Summer’s Beginning

WP_20140620_010Here I stand on the longest day of the year…. stretching my hands to the universe accepting of the energy that comes fourth. Thankful for the blessings in my life and hopeful of a future filled with many more.

A time when the days stop growing and the nights stop shrinking …
A time to begin working with your dreams.

Tonight when the sun finally slips down and calls it a night… I’ll lay my head upon my pillow and dream many dreams for happy days to come.

Dreaming of  the love I have found and growing old together… still smiling at each other when those days come to an end. Dreaming of creations yet to be realized and created. Dreaming of peace and love for all my family and friends. Dreaming of the future… of an ease of life, of fresh air, clean water and our warm and cozy home. Dreaming dreams that  keep us dreaming, keep us hoping, keep us living, keep us smiling.

Tomorrow I shall awake and follow those dreams as I do each and every day. Never giving up, never stopping when I fall. I’ll continue to chase those dreams til my days find their end.

The Solstice, where the days are still much longer than the night, we have time to bring our dreams into creation… and as each night comes to be, we are given a wee bit more time to focus our intent within our dreaming.  Use this time wisely.

Let your dreams be realized in the sun lit hours while the moon guides you through the night and keeps you dreaming those dreams that keep you living the life you always knew could be possible.



Many Blessings for a Happy and Bright Solstice,


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Stained Glass Raven Guitar

Raven Guitar – pieces all cut

Assembly started.. body togetherall assembled and soldered  back – litnatural light at duskclose up of the ravenall assembled and soldered

back – litnatural light at duskclose up of the raven

natural light at duskclose up of the ravenclose up of the raven

close up of the raven

close up outside in natural light to show detail of the white whispy glass

outside in natural light

Next weekend I hope to get it all puttied and ready for the real guitar parts to be added.

Many Blessings,

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The Road We’re On

IMG_5029Uphill… downhill…. good… bad…. treacherous… smooth …. straight …. crooked …. no matter the condition of the road your on … it’s YOUR road.

You can focus on all the flaws, holes and obstacles or you can do the best with what you have… that’s entirely up to you.

What you do while on your road is also your own making … but beware.. what you do on your road stays on your road. So be careful not to add obstacles that don’t need to be there.

No two roads are alike.. similar they may be but never exactly the same… what worked for someone else may or may not work for you… so don’t try walking in someone elses footsteps expecting the same outcome… rarely does that ever work out.

No matter your road, walk it in peace with love and honor in your heart. You’ll feel much better as you make your way and be able to hold your head up and say … I did my best.
It doesn’t mean you did everything right .. but at least you tried.

Be kind to others and be kind to yourself.

Many blessings,

Meditation Tips

Meditation is a great tool … There are many forms of meditation and many reasons why one might meditate.

It helps to relax, reduce stress, helps with anger, sleep, focus and can also help remember past events or even past lives. These are just a few of the things that you can do with meditation.

It’s best to try many types of meditation until you find the one that is right for you.

When just beginning to meditate it can help by listening to tranquil music and then even more so if you use headphones. The headphones will help drown out any outside noises while you learn your meditation.

The more you do the better you become. It can sometimes be hard to focus and stop the mind from wandering in the beginning. Practice makes perfect.. the more you meditate the better you become at it and soon you’ll be able to meditate with little or no trouble at all.

There are many techniques online… I suggest you google meditation techniques and try out as many as you like. You will find that some are easier for you than others. Everyone is different and so what works for one may not work for another.

Practice visualizing ordinary, everyday things.

Part of meditation is the ability to visualize… start out with closing your eyes and visualizing ordinary, everyday objects, when you master one object… move on to another .. soon you will be able to do this with ease.

Guided meditation vs self guided meditation…

Guided meditation is where someone else is talking you through a meditation technique and self guided is where you memorize steps to a meditation and do it by memory alone.

Guided meditation can sometimes work better simply because you are focused on the words someone else is saying and you are able to completely let go and ease into the picture that they paint for you with their wording.

When you memorize a meditation and do a self guided meditation.. you have to try and let yourself go to the place you are seeking along with continuing to guide yourself down that path.. so you can see how that maybe like trying to live in two worlds at one time.

Try both … one may suit you better than another and then again sometimes you will find certain types of meditation are best self guided and others work better guided by someone else… like past life regression.

When trying to remember a past life .. it is easier to participate in a guided meditation .. that way someone else guides you down that path while you are able to completely let go and travel that road without the task of keeping yourself on track… it is the responsibility of the other person to do that and you can have the freedom to roam about that life fully. Also it’s good to have someone else with you as you explore past lives or even past events in your current life so that if you go too deeply or experience great tragedy .. they can see you struggling and bring you back up if needed.

Comfort – You must be in a comfortable place when meditating .. you can’t be too hot or too cold or uncomfortable in general…. it breaks your concentration and disrupts the process.

I hope these tips have helped.

Many Blessings,

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Nominate me in Best of Music City

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Many Blessings,

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For the Past 3 years I have been in a local contest that’s held each year called The Toast of Music City

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I have to say I’m not perfect in anyway .. except one…
I’m perfect only at being ME!

I can’t sing.. my dancing is just ok …
I can rhyme a little but try to write a lot …
I know how to use a paintbrush but the greatest, I’m certainly not
My drawings are never exact … even my glass sometimes gets chipped
My words sometimes come out wrong
My days often flawed
But I’m ME and that’s all I can be…

I try my best and give it my all
But sometimes I still hit that wall
I try to see from all points of view..
But my vision sometimes goes  askew

To myself I try to always be true
Even if we don’t agree … doesn’t mean I don’t like  or respect you
I have to stand my ground and stay true to who I am
Otherwise I’m nothing more than a joke, a  sham

So there you have it .. I’m just me..
As perfectly as I can be..
Flaws and all .. this is me

Perfectly ME!


From a thought to a dream

From a thought to a dream
From a dream to reality
We all have within us this ability

To make our wishes and dreams come true
The power is there, sitting deep inside you

Thoughts become words, words become action
The universe works in reaction

Speak out loud, what you wish to see
Answers will soon come to thee

With honor and love in your heart
For the dream to come true
You must play an active part

Walking in the direction of your dream
It’s not as easy as it may seem

Obstacles sometimes block the way
Never give up, no matter what anyone has to say

Positive thoughts and actions ease the trail
Don’t worry about “What if I fail”

Where there is a will, there is a way
That’s what I’ve always heard them say

So follow your heart and you shall soon see
What was once a dream, has now become reality!

Many Blessings,

These Pages

These are the pages of my life…

Turn them with ease, gentleness and care.
My soul, these pages do bare

This path is mine, not unlike yours
Full of many roads, hallways and doors.

Tears, laughter, sorrow and pain
Lessons learned again and again

Secrets whispered in the night
Wishes placed on the wings of butterflies in flight

These pages contain all that is me
Bound in leather, written for all to see

Scrapes and bruises, stitches and scars
Always dreaming beneath the stars

Creating for creation’s sake
Sitting with my love by the lake

Kisses and cuddles late at night
Seeing with second sight

Ghosts and spirits roaming about
Wondering what this life is all about

A smile.. a look
It’s all right here.. written on the pages of this book

Fairy tales that do come true..
Have a seat and let me tell you

My light, at times has nearly gone out
My head filled with so much self doubt

This life has had it’s highs and lows
But that light in me… still it glows

I’ll not give up on the dreams I dream
It’s never as easy as it may seem

Twists and turns, wear and tear
Let me tell you… I’ve been there!

It began with “Once upon a time…”
Just like in those old nursery rhymes

There will be no end…  you see
For my soul will continue on buzzing like a bee

So, I’ll see you in the here after
Living Happily ever after.


Many Blessings,

It’s Right There!

IMG_9490It’s right there next to you, behind you, in front of you, above, below and all around you.  It’s right there!

Peace, love, joy and excitement.

Sure there are other things as well… but that doesn’t take away the peace, love, joy and magic that also exist.

It may be storming but the love, peace, joy and magic can still be found… if you just look for it.

If all you look for is rain.. that’s all you will find.

Take each day as it comes and find you’ll it.

A cool breeze on a hot, sunny day.
A refreshing moment beneath a shade tree.
The warmth of a sweater on a cold night.
The coolness of your pillow on the flip side.
A smile
A giggle
A friend
A kiss
A hug
A snuggle
The warmth of a campfire
Lightening bugs a dusk
The song of a bird
The purrr of a kitten
An eager welcome home from your pet
The smell of jasmine blooming in late spring
Snow cones and ice cream!
4 leaf clovers
Babies sleeping
The quiet at the end of a long day
The chatter of children at play
Movie Night
Doing something right
Sunsets and sunrises
Unexpected surprises

It’s all there… no matter where you go…

Just take another look and you’ll see … It’s Right There!

Many Blessings for a great day!


Fuss and Fret

No need to fuss and fret
No need of worry and regret

What is …. will be
What was is now gone

Let pain and sorrow be strangers from your past
Remember it’s just temporary … it won’t long last

Find that place deep inside
Where love and light do reside

Find the peace within and let it flow
Now, doesn’t that feel better … letting it all go

No need to busy yourself or rush around
Simply plant yourself firmly in the ground

Now breath deeply .. in and out
Ease your mind of all self doubt

Harness your own power
Let it wash over you like an April shower

Know and trust in you
All your dreams have the possibility to come true.

It begins with just one word that I’ll now say
Then, I’ll flap my wings and fly away.


Many Blessings,

Barriers and Walls

IMG_2171Today I want to take a moment to talk about barriers and walls that separate us.

A week or so ago I stumbled upon a website that bashed various people across the internet. They bashed people they clearly didn’t even know. They picked away at these people for no other reason than that the people listed on their site didn’t have the same beliefs as them… or that they didn’t do the same things they did… as if their way is the only way. My name was even on their list. They picked at my story about how I got my name, saying how it is more of an embarrassment and that I must ramble on non-stop, given my name. Then they went on to say my website was nothing more than a load of bad art. These are the things they said about me.. so you can imagine what they said of others.

These people don’t even know me but choose to bash me regardless. Wow! How can I sign up to their club? What a charmed life they must live. They have nothing better to do than search the net and find terrible words to write about others. It’s people like this that build barriers between us all.

I won’t do the same and  search them down to make fun of their name or the job that they do or the way they live their lives. To each their own. We all have a right to our own beliefs and or our own way of living as long as it harms none.

I just don’t see the good that they bring and I am saddened. I’ve never been one to care much about what others have to say about me. I do my thing and that’s just me. I have always been that way and will continue being me no matter what. I’m not perfect and never claimed to be. I make mistakes and I am as always a work in progress myself. But people I know and care about are listed and bashed and I just hope they never see what these people have written about them or at least if they do see it, I hope they don’t take it to heart.

On another note of the same…

I had a personal experience a couple of weeks ago where someone said to me that they thought I was a smart person until they found out about something I believed in. WOW! Just because my beliefs may differ from yours does not mean I’m stupid or any less of a person. Again… another wall built for no good reason at all.

My beliefs are mine and mine alone.. as yours are yours and yours alone..

I am not threatened by what you believe in as you shouldn’t be by what I believe in.

It’s just silly nonsense!

This world doesn’t need more walls and barriers … that’s one thing I do know!

Oh and btw .. yes I do sometimes ramble on …lol.. but hey that’s just me .. I have a lot to say. There are many stories in me and I like to share. Not embarrassed one bit by my name, I wear it proudly! 😛

I would like to leave you all with one thought today. As you go through your daily life, be careful not to judge too quickly and be kind not only in your actions but also in your words.

Today is “Say Something Nice Day”  so smile at everyone you pass and say something nice to someone you meet. You’ll not only brighten their world..  you’ll brighten yours as well.

Many blessings to everyone…