Looking in the Mirror

Be aware of how you talk about yourself and your life. We are our own worst enemy. Our thoughts and words about ourselves must stay positive. You must believe in yourself, your path, your dreams. Embrace all the positives and stop focusing on the negative. Waya has a task for you … are you up for that task?

Many Blessings,

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War Paint – The Painted Face

warpaintWhen we speak about war paint, I’m sure most imagine the painted face of a Native American. Well, natives aren’t the only ones who wear war paint. In fact, I painted my face this morning. It may not look to you like war paint, but let me tell you why it is. Just as war paint, in a variety of cultures began with the intention to distract/frighten ones opponents in battle, to connect the person behind the mask to their warrior spirit and to protect the warrior, women have long used their own form of war paint to do the same. 

Even without knowing why we make up our faces, when we do, we feel different. Ready to face the world, ready to do battle. The makeup we use helps to disguise many things. It can help hide our insecurities, fears and vulnerability. When we get up in the mornings and dress to step out into the world, we prepare for the battles that may come our way. You’ll notice many, while at home don’t bother with makeup and fancy clothes, because that’s where we feel the most safe, but once we think about stepping outside into the world, our thoughts go to an instinctive behavior to protect ourselves the best way we can. Our choice in clothing, shoes, accessories and makeup are all a part of the ritual for protecting ourselves.  So this morning, I put on my war paint. What it hides is a multitude of things. Fear of what’s to come, worry of how I’ll make it through the storm ahead of me, sadness that consumes my thoughts, stress, insecurities and much more. I stand here filled with all of those things, but my war paint is applied to help me face the day and what battles are placed before me with my warrior spirit. 

Many Blessings, 


I have to say I’m not perfect in anyway .. except one…
I’m perfect only at being ME!

I can’t sing.. my dancing is just ok …
I can rhyme a little but try to write a lot …
I know how to use a paintbrush but the greatest, I’m certainly not
My drawings are never exact … even my glass sometimes gets chipped
My words sometimes come out wrong
My days often flawed
But I’m ME and that’s all I can be…

I try my best and give it my all
But sometimes I still hit that wall
I try to see from all points of view..
But my vision sometimes goes  askew

To myself I try to always be true
Even if we don’t agree … doesn’t mean I don’t like  or respect you
I have to stand my ground and stay true to who I am
Otherwise I’m nothing more than a joke, a  sham

So there you have it .. I’m just me..
As perfectly as I can be..
Flaws and all .. this is me

Perfectly ME!


It’s Perfectly Clear


I’m shown a crystal and inside that crystal is many things.. some may call them flaws .. I say they are simply the crystals personality


Some might throw their nose up in the air and say its garbage because it’s not got the perfect clarity they think it should have …. Their loss ….


Each crystal can only be what it is … as it grows it develops these personality traits (flaws to some) taking on characteristics of the land that feeds it …


Who is to say that crystal can’t bring as much joy as one that may have more clarity …. Who is to say one crystal can heal better than the other


At the end of the day they are both the same… they both contain many of the same properties and elements .. they are both crystals


Spirit says no matter your clarity … you have value …. You can do the same as any other … first you have to believe this to be true … no matter what others may say or think … it is you at the end of the day holding yourself back from doing what you were born to do.



Many Blessings,