Crystal Healing

crystalhealingI am guided this morning to post about Crystal Healing. Crystal healing goes so deep that I cannot touch on even a quarter of this topic at this moment. What Spirit urges me to talk about is bathing with crystals for healing purposes. Those who have chronic pain through their body should do this often. To sit in a hot bath with your crystals for 20 – 30 minutes as often as you can will help tremendously with your pain. Also those who feel physically drained … this will benefit you as well.

What crystals do you use for this?? Well, that is a good question. I approach this as I do with all crystal work I do. I let the stones speak to me.. I have a large collection of stones and go through them all and allow them to tell me which ones will help me. When I do this, it never fails… there are always at least a handful that join me in the bath. After the bath, I lay them all out on a towel to dry and place them in the window or outside to soak up the morning sun to cleanse them for another use later. I rarely use all the same crystals each time.

If you don’t have a collection to choose from and you head out in search of crystals and stones to use. When you get to your local rock shop, keep in mind the intent you need help with and allow the crystals and stones to choose you. Pick up each one or touch them all until a select few speak to you.

NOTE: Some stones like selenite are not good in water… please do check that the stones you do pick out are ok to be put in water. Some crystals degrade when left in water.

Many Blessings,

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It’s Perfectly Clear


I’m shown a crystal and inside that crystal is many things.. some may call them flaws .. I say they are simply the crystals personality


Some might throw their nose up in the air and say its garbage because it’s not got the perfect clarity they think it should have …. Their loss ….


Each crystal can only be what it is … as it grows it develops these personality traits (flaws to some) taking on characteristics of the land that feeds it …


Who is to say that crystal can’t bring as much joy as one that may have more clarity …. Who is to say one crystal can heal better than the other


At the end of the day they are both the same… they both contain many of the same properties and elements .. they are both crystals


Spirit says no matter your clarity … you have value …. You can do the same as any other … first you have to believe this to be true … no matter what others may say or think … it is you at the end of the day holding yourself back from doing what you were born to do.



Many Blessings,