Remember we are all a work in progress….
Don’t sweat the small stuff … perfection comes from being perfectly YOU.

The message from Spirit today is to not let the small things in life cause you stress.. the details will work themselves out as long as you are walking in the direction of your goals.

IMG_5029Kinks are just learning tools.. they keep us on our toes and refocus us on our journey.

When things are going smooth for too long … we tend to then start sleepwalking through life… the autopilot kicks in and we miss so much.

Just like when you do that daily drive home for the 7,000th time and think back… how did I get here? You suddenly can’t remember if the light was red or green when you drove through it and you can’t remember any of the small details about your drive.. all you know is that you’re home now.

So when you come across a kink in your plan… don’t stress… just continue walking toward your goal with love in your heart and all will work itself out.

What is meant to be will be.

Many Blessings,

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