A Mother’s Day Wish

leaves 1A Mother’s Day Wish

This isn’t the typical Mother’s Day wish you see..

This isn’t a wish for mother’s like you and me ….

It’s the wish we, as mothers make

For our child or children’s sake!

It’s the reason we fuss and fret

It’s why there are rules we must set.

It’s not for the reasons that you think you know

It’s not because we like grounding and saying “NO!”

The wishes a mother makes ….

Are in hopes that her babies don’t make the same mistakes

You see it starts before you begin to breathe and cry

We set out in hopes to bring you a much bluer sky

We wish you safety and a road not quite so hard

We wish for you to never know the pain of a broken heart

We wish for your travels to always be a blast

We wish you love that will surely last

We try to protect you …and keep you from that inevitable fall

Our goal is to be there when you have no one else to call

May your years be kinder

May your love be grander

May your days be filled with greatness

May your worries be less

So you see it’s not that we just want to nag and fuss

We only meant for you to have a better life than us ..

Many Blessings,

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P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!

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