Winter Solstice – The Long Night’s Journey

This is a vision I had a couple of years ago on the night of the winter solstice… I share with you now my moment.

My whole life has been like the hunt like the wolf, searching for food. The food that we hunt is different only in the hunger that we each sought to feed. In my own search I have sought out various foods to feed the many different hungers of my soul… a hunger for wisdom, of learning, of growth, of love, of creativity, a hunger for spiritual fulfillment and the list goes on.

This the longest night of the year I would like to share with you my spiritual journey. In this journey I was accompanied by my long time spiritual companion, the white wolf.

The day began much colder than any other before it, the community was buzzing with activities, as everyone was preparing for the longest of the cold winter nights.

The elders gathered and I was stripped of all that I wear and bathed in a ritual bath to cleanse away all that was unneeded. I was induced into a restful, relaxed state by way of some sort of herbal drink and then wrapped in the pelt of a white wolf and placed in a shelter with a roaring fire at it’s center.

I lay next to the fire wrapped in this wonderous fur. I give thanks to the wolf that gave his life for the sake of my warmth this long and cold winter night. I struggle to keep my eyes open, the herbal concoction has set in and my body falls into a state of complete rest.

The fire before me glows and my eyes grow so heavy I can no longer keep them open.

I hear not a sound other than the beat of my own heart accompanied by that of my spirited protector, the great white wolf. Not a sound is heard, not the crackle of the fire, not the sounds of the night, no sound from any other soul. The night, silent and still.

Now that night has fallen, there is no scurrying about with chores and busy work, there is no worry or fright, there is no concern or sorrow.. there is only one thing and that thing is rest. Curled up by the fire in this fine coat of fur, I close my eyes and finally I rest.

Completely at ease, knowing I am watched over, I am filled with warmth and love and when I close my eyes, the dreams begin.

Visions of many, they come and they go ..

Secrets of old revealed…

Healing and growth show themselves…

The light from above now glowing from my center.. it fills me.

This night, the longest of the year…. Shall be forever cherished and never feared.

This was my long night’s journey … and the message I’d like to pass on is this:

There is much time in this life to be busy .. to gather.. to hunt ..

to prepare for many things.. you must remember that to be at your best and to keep your strengths at their height.. you must take time to rest .. completely let go and allow yourself time to rejuvenate….



Many Blessings,

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