Making it a Positive New Year

christmas ornamentsWith the New Year getting closer I thought today I would speak about making changes and ridding ourselves of those things no longer needed.

Here are a few ideas that may help you start the New Year on the right foot:

Clean out the closets / Clean house – Throw out or donate all the “things” that fill your house with clutter … “things” don’t bring us happiness and a clean house encourages clear thoughts and at the end of the day when you walk in the door from a long day at work your
spirits will be lifted without having to worry about clearing out or cleaning house.

Make a list and check it twice! – Make two lists … one will be of
all those things you no longer need in your life and things you don’t
want to see coming into your life for the coming year – the other list
will be of what you would like to keep in your life and things you
would like to see come into your life for the year ahead. (remember
to be specific on both lists) When you are done with your lists..
take the no longer needed list and burn it … watch it as it burns
away and imagine all those things burning out of your life and staying
far away from you …. The Keep list should be placed somewhere for
safe keeping …. from time to time take it out and look it over
again … add things to it if you want … but it is a reminder of those
things you want to stay in your life or those things you want to
manifest during the year.

Clear the way – Take a day to clean all your windows and doorways …
its amazing the kind of stuff that can build up around these two areas
and how we really don’t pay much attention to the places we walk in
and out of each day … Opening all the windows will allow your home
to breathe and clear the air .. let in some of that fresh air from
outside …. We go in and out of our doors and as we do we bring stuff
in and take stuff out with us .. even if we have nothing in our
hands… cleaning those doorways will also clean away the energy …
more important is that negative energy that may have built up over the
year … as you clean think of good thoughts and put some postive
energy and happiness into your doorways so that coming or going you
take with you a bit of the postive energy and happiness.

Get Cooking! – On the New Year cook up a good hearty meal charged with
postive energy, health and prosperity for the year ahead … take
some time to enjoy your meal… think about being healthy, happy and
prosperous for the entire year ahead and then ……. RELAX! Take a
bit of time to not rush around.. not to worry and not to busy
yourself.. just take a moment to…. well… be in the moment.

I hope these help..

May the New Year find you all in Good Health and Happiness

Many Blessings,

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