Which Way Are You Headed?

I started out with no clue what to post for today’s wisdom … and then a thought hit me… WHAM!

So here we go!

hawkWhich way are you headed?

Are you walking toward your dreams.. or are you just sitting on the side of the road waiting for your dreams to come hopping along?

I don’t need to tell you that sitting on the side of the road waiting for things to happen isn’t the way to get to your destination… because you already know this… but maybe what you didn’t realize is that you were sitting on the side of the road…. maybe you thought you were moving toward your dreams…

Step back and take a good look at the path you are on and what you are doing as you walk forward …

Do your actions show progress toward your dreams?

Are you moving too fast? too slow? jumping around? dodging the obvious? walking in fear?

Can you do more?

Can you step it up a notch?

Are you giving it your all?

Are you doing your best or could you really do a little bit more?

Life will never be our idea of “perfect” there will always be things missing or out of order from how we perceive that they “should” be … but at the end of the day .. if you have given it your best … and know that without doubt that you have done all that you can do … YOU WILL FIND HAPPINESS. Having part of a dream is far better than having nothing at all.

Walk in the direction of your dreams … Believe in yourself … And be the best that YOU can be.. whatever that best is ..

Many Blessings,

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