The Birth of a Story

mushroomThere’s a place where stories are born. A place so magical, so amazing… a place truly like no other you have ever seen. This place is filled with every emotion: fear and love, sorrow and pain, joy and wonder, ecstasy and fright.

Painted with every color, every shade, every hue. A place where magic waits to be born.

You’ll find yourself falling in love by a babbling brook, writhing in pain from a loss so great you can hardly breathe. You’ll find adventure on a mountain side, joy inside of a fairy ring and experience great fear in a darkened cave. There are no limits, no boundaries within this place. What you dare to dream can come to life right before your eyes. Creatures of all shapes and sizes, from every corner of the world.. from every walk of life.

Each experience, like no other. Each moment more magical than the one before. A place where the angels sing upon a soft whisper into the winds from ancient times, where devils dance within the flames of unrequited love, where the rain kisses your soul with every drop from the heavens above. Dreams, magic, adventure… they all wait for you there in the place where stories are born.

Dare to step inside this place… experience it for yourself and journey where ever your imagination takes you.

Many Blessings,

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