Month: June 2013

Sing Me A Song

grackle singingSing Me A Song

Sing me a song of love everlasting and true
Sing me a song that says I love you

Sing me a song from beginning to end
Sing me a song holding on to my hand

Sing me a song about how you feel
Sing me a song, make sure it‘s real

Sing me a song straight from your heart
Sing me a song of new beginnings, a fresh start

Sing me a song to ease my pain
Sing me a song of lovers dancing in the rain

Sing me a song of fantasy and delight
Sing me a song about making love under the moon light

Sing me a song of dreams coming true
Sing me a song about me and you

Sing me a song that will heal the hearts scars
Sing me a song that will take us to the stars

Sing me a song under the full moon
Sing me a song and don’t worry about the tune

Sing me a song that will bring a tear to my eye
Sing me a song and you shall hear me sigh

Sing me a song of everlasting love
Sing me a song about what our dreams are made of

Sing me a song as your arms hold me tight
Sing me a song that takes us on a moon lit flight

Sing me a song I’ll never forget
Sing me a song about the day we met

Sing me a song in a romantic fashion
Sing me a song about two lovers’ passion

Sing me a song about how we fell in love
Sing me a song about what you are thinking of

Sing a song as you have me under your spell
Sing me a song about your secrets, please do tell

Sing me a song of magic and light
Sing me a song as we settle in for the night

Sing me a song and I shall sing to you
Sing me a song about forever, me and you

Sing me a song now don‘t be a tease
Sing me a song please my love, pretty please


Breaking Free

son of airSon of Air – Rebellion – Liberation

Breaking away from your own habitual thought patterns and those of others. Fighting with your own inner demons will get you nowhere… you free yourself by ending those battles.

You are the controller of the projected images in your own mind…. those images of yourself, of others and the world around you.

What internal battles are you still fighting? Why? Is it time to let them go and end the battle within?


Many Blessings,

New Beginnings & Awakening

insight6-25-13X – Small Medicine Wheel – New Beginning

You are now entering a new phase of your life. This phase can be emotional, spiritual or physical. The old painlessly falls away, making room for new. Allow your intuition to guide you. Sense your guides as they lead you down your path and onto this next leg of your journey. Our deepest knowing needs no words, it is simply understood within. You know what to do… keep moving forward.

XX – Spirit Guide – Awakening

The mystery is always in us and all around us, yet most choose to ignore it. So many sleep right through their lives and wonder where their unhappiness comes from. Like fish in the sea asking for water…. we “think” we are lost but are where we need to be. Everything we need, we already have within us.  We ask for guidance but forget to listen! You want to be a  part of something more? You ALREADY ARE!

Many Blessings,

Tuning into Your Own Rythms

daughter of fireThis card speaks for itself… you must tune into the powers within and allow yourself to be guided by your own forces. TRUST in that force that guides you and understand that you are connected to all things. You are far more powerful than you admit. Take time and be patient with yourself. Close your eyes and feel the connection with all things. Listen to what those connections are telling you. Trust it! Embrace it! Own it!

Many Blessings,

Feeling Stagnant

stagnantDoes it seem like nothing works, nothing is going as planned or hoped? Do you feel stuck with no idea how to get moving again?

Your energy may be blocked by tension…  You have to let go of old burdensome ideas and behaviors and allow your energy to flow freely through you. These old ideas and behaviors are keeping you from much needed growth and disable you from moving forward.

Find something to help you release the tension in your life. For each it will be something unique to you that may help. A walk in nature, some time away, a fun vacation, a hobby, a good book, etc. Whatever it may be.. find it and do it.. you will feel yourself lightening up and your energy will soon become restored.

Many Blessings,

Making Progress

click to enlarge

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Late last night as I was getting ready for bed when this thought came to mind: Progress is not measured by money made or by title given but by feeling good about the path you walk each day.

We cannot measure our progress or success  merely by a bank balance or by a title inscribed on a name tag or door plate. When you lay your head down at night… do you feel good about the life you lived that very day? If that answer is yes then give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done and continue that journey. If the answer is no… well then.. there is always tomorrow. Let go of what went wrong and make it right the next chance you get.

We cannot dwell in the past, we can only focus on the road before us and make changes as we move forward. Progress is measured step by step.

Many Blessings,

Help Me Win Toast of Music City

toast-of-music-cityEvery year the Tennessean hosts a people’s choice contest for the Nashville area. Please take a minute to cast your votes each day from June 16th – July 14th and help me to win in Best Blog and Best Visual Artist.

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A big thank you to everyone who takes a moment to cast your votes to help me win!! Thank you Thank You!

Many Blessings,

The Goose

IMG_1250This morning I had a lovely dream about a Goose. I was in a house that “in the dream” must have been mine … but I have never seen a house like the one in this dream. I was in my bedroom which was on the top floor and windows surrounded the room and outside the windows was the ocean.

One of the windows was open and a black and purple Goose flew into the room and crash landed on top of me. This goose was a bit startled …. as was I. She was getting up and as she was .. she spoke to me. I was startled even more, wide eyed and in shock I looked at her and said.. “you can talk”.  She laughed and said of course I can talk and said a few other things to me but now I can’t even remember what those things were. She then layed down next to me and snuggled in a ever so loving and gentle way. It was adorable and I just sat there in total shock. It wasn’t long before a man entered the room, picked her up and tossed her out the window. It happened so quickly I couldn’t stop him… but not to worry … she started flying and then buzzed the windows and let me know she would be back.

Whew.. what a wild and crazy dream! I love it!

Here’s some info I found on the Goose:

Imprinting Your Life Path

A Goose totem reflects a stimulation of childhood thrills and the belief in stories and legends. The stories we loved as children often reflect our life quest. Think about the stories that affected you the most and see what in them you took into your adult life.

The Goose also helps in communication, especially with the written word.

It is also a symbol of fertility and marital fidelity. Goose people have an innate belief that there is just one special person for each one.

Since Geese are vegetarians, those with a Goose totem should always incorporate plenty of vegetables into their diet.

The Goose was a sacred bird in the Roman temples of Juno; associated with the North Wind in Greek Mythology; and the totem for the Winter Solstice for the Native Americans.

Their honking call speaks of the fulfilled promises that great quests bring.

Many Blessings,

Giant Dandelions!

salsifyOr are they??? Have you seen these softball sized looking dandelions all over the place?  Me too! Only they are not dandelions… my curiosity got me investigating as to exactly what caused these mutant dandelions to suddenly appear. Well they aren’t mutant and they aren’t dandelions, that’s what I found out! They are a vegetable root called Salsify.

Here’s some info I found on the web about them:

Salsify is also know by the common names Oyster Plant or Vegetable Oyster. These plants are runaways from domestic gardens. Salsify is a rather uncommon root crop not often found growing in home gardens, but is a very care free vegetable to cultivate.

Salsify also has other common names: “goatsbeard”, “meadow goatsbeard”, “western salsify”, “common salsify”, or “wild oyster plant.” The flowers are purple and tiny and the seed heads resemble dandelions, but Salsify is much larger and the leaves are grass-like and clasp the stem.

Planting and Growing Salsify: The Oyster plant’s main claim to fame is for producing an edible root with a taste that is similar to oysters. I have tried the canned version of this plant and I found it remarkable similar to casseroles made from true oysters. Salsify is a biennial and the flowers don’t show up in the garden until the plants second season of growth. Salsify can grow to be at least four feet tall.

To grow Salsify, collect seeds from roadsides and scatter the stick-like seeds over a deeply loosened and composted raised bed. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of topsoil or fine compost. Plant Salsify seeds as early as possible in the spring for a fall harvest. Be careful when weeding a Salsify patch and don’t dislodge the germinating seedlings because they look more like tiny twigs protruding from the ground.

Harvesting and Preparing Salsify: The brown seedlings will eventually grow into long, slender, clumps of grass like green leaves, which are also edible and can be added to mixed salads. The tan colored roots can reach eight to twelve inches in length and about an inch in diameter.

Mature Salsify roots can be dug up in the fall or they can be left in the ground over the winter and will re-sprout new leaves and produce both flowers and seeds during subsequent seasons. The roots will continue to grow for a number of years from a single planting.

To cook with Salsify: First you have to carefully wash the roots and remove the thin skin by peeling or scraping. The roots will exude a sticky, milky white liquid when they are scraped. Once the outer layer of skin has been removed the roots must be quickly covered with cool water containing lemon juice to prevent discoloration (similar to what you would do with apples or certain other fruits or veggies).  Salsify is very low in calories, with a one cup serving only containing 40 calories, 3.5 grams of protein .8 grams of fiber.

Many Blessings,

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Surviving the Elements

WP_20130610_0312 – four leaf clovers … one perfectly in tact .. the other beaten, torn and abused… they both contain the same symbolism … they both carry just as much luck as the other … which one do I favor?

The beaten one..
Why? Because it’s a survivor!

We’ve all had moments when we have been tested, possibly even beaten down, torn apart … and yet here we are .. still standing .. still surviving. Are we worth less for what we have been through? Not at all.. in fact I think we are worth far more.

Many Blessings,

Daily Insight – Healing- Growth and Letting Go

cards 6-10-133 of Earth – Growth

Stay focused on the plans and goals that you have… now is a time that the work before you gets done with ease. Take advantage and get-r -done.

10 of Air – Negative Thinking

We often create our own hell simply by repeating negative thought patterns. Heaven and Hell are internal  states of mind. So Hell only exists inside of you if you allow it. You are the only one who can pull yourself out of this destructive loop of negative thinking and doing. Let it go and move forward.

Medicine Woman

Embrace the feminine powers that flow within. A great healing takes place when you allow it to do so. You have a wealth of intuition stirring deep inside your soul. Allow yourself to simply be and you will soon find your connection with all things.

Many Blessings,

There’s a Little Something In My Soul

fb cover 2There’s a Little Something In My Soul…

There’s a Mighty Dragon in my Soul.
His fire runs through my blood, coursing through my veins,
building the flames within that push me further than I’ve ever been.

There’s a Fairy in My Soul.
She prances and flitters to and fro, sprinkling her magic all over me as I grow.
Tiny she may be but her magic is greater than I’ve ever seen.

There’s a Wicked Witch in My Soul.
She casts her spells and boils her brew, giving me a life I never knew. Her cackle contagious just like a smile, sharing with me knowledge from a distant isle.

There’s a Healer in My Soul.
Shaking bones and chanting words that resonate deep within.  Collecting energy from the air, healing with a sacred prayer. Sage and incense smoke rising to the heavens, giving me knowledge of all these sevens.

There’s a Monster in My Soul.
Big and scary, feeding upon my fears. Kind and gentle, wiping away the tears. He’s there for my protection, certainly a different kind of astral connection. Giving me the ability to face all those things that scare me, his strength is certainly always there for me.

There’s a Unicorn in My Soul.
Mighty and proud, majestically strong. He carries me from one life to another. Safe passage from here to there. His strength, greater then that of ten bear. A stallion getting me to where I need to be, a truly magnificent sight to see.

There’s a Bright and Shining Light in My Soul.
Consuming my being, ridding me of the darkness that lurks inside. No shadows left to fear, only a loving light with the kindness of a deer. Healing me from inside – out. Leaving behind all the worry, stress, fear and doubt. Shining brighter than the nearest star, releasing me from all of this life’s scars.

Many Blessings,

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Daily Insight – Believing

guardian angel 2My Question today is: What do you Believe In?

Do you believe in miracles?
How about fairies?
Do you believe in the Boogie Man?
How about past lives?
Do you believe in Spirit?
How about wishes?
Do you believe in angels?
How about love?
Do you believe in ghosts?
How about karma?

You see it really doesn’t matter which if any of the above that you believe in …. I’ve left out the most important of all…. the one thing that makes all the difference.

Do you believe in yourself?
Why not?

When did doubt come in to play? Who told you that you weren’t worth believing in? Why is it so hard to believe in yourself?

Whatever the answers to the above questions… forget them all. These answers are useless, because YOU ARE WORTHY! You are worth believing in. YOU CAN DO IT! Whatever “it” is… if you truly believe in yourself and what your goal is .. it can be accomplished. It will take work and lots and lots of effort. It will take some “not giving up”, and it will take believing!

On the road to making your dreams come true… there will be times when one might stumble or fall… the key is getting back up and getting yourself back on track and moving forward. Believe in yourself and believe in your goals.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Many Blessings,