medicine wheel

New Beginnings & Awakening

insight6-25-13X – Small Medicine Wheel – New Beginning

You are now entering a new phase of your life. This phase can be emotional, spiritual or physical. The old painlessly falls away, making room for new. Allow your intuition to guide you. Sense your guides as they lead you down your path and onto this next leg of your journey. Our deepest knowing needs no words, it is simply understood within. You know what to do… keep moving forward.

XX – Spirit Guide – Awakening

The mystery is always in us and all around us, yet most choose to ignore it. So many sleep right through their lives and wonder where their unhappiness comes from. Like fish in the sea asking for water…. we “think” we are lost but are where we need to be. Everything we need, we already have within us.  We ask for guidance but forget to listen! You want to be a  part of something more? You ALREADY ARE!

Many Blessings,