Sing Me Like a song

Sing Me Like a Song

From my melody to my chorus
Sing as if you were alone in the forest

Know every note, every key
Every word that is me

Sing me like a song
that’s dear to your heart
Sing every line, every part

It doesn’t matter if you sing in tune
or a little off key
as long as this song is me

Make sure the rhymes are soft and sweet
Make the beat, hard and strong
Let the rhythm make you want to dance all night long

Every line should move you
Every word capture your heart
and the ending be a new start!

Sing Me Like a Song

Many Blessings,

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Inside Each of Us

Inside each of us is a song .. each custom fit to who we are. I take that back…  there’s not just one single song .. there are many .. each one custom designed for our every need.

There is the song that comforts us
The song that fills us with love
The song that fills our spirit with joy
The song that helps us express our sorrows
The song that makes us laugh
The song that entertains our inner child
The song that motivates us and gets us moving…. and the list goes on.

My message here tonight is that you get to know each of your songs and when it is time to sing .. let them be heard .. if by no one else but yourself. Sing your songs … let the vibrations heal you and help you through whatever the moment brings. Your songs are there for a reason… allow them do work their magic through you. Don’t be afraid of your own voice.. sing and sing it loud!

Many Blessings,