Red, Yellow, Brown and Gold

Red, Yellow, Brown and Gold
The days grow short, the nights grow cold.

Magic shadows dance across the land.
Some even come out and touch my hand.

The winds now blow, sending a chill through the air.
The leaves fall gently to the ground without a care.

Summer has come to it’s end.
Autumn blessing to you I now send.

May the colors of the land fill you with a joyous delight.
May the Autumn fires keep you warm and cozy through the night.

As the darkness grows do not worry and do not fret.
For you’ll be blessed with every golden sunset.

You’ll be in my prayers and all my wishes.
Think of every falling leaf as angel kisses.

Safe you’ll be and forever you’ll know….
That my magic shall follow and protect you wherever you go.

Now wave goodbye to Summer’s end….
Say hello to Autumn with a smile and let the season know you are a friend.

Many Blessings,

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