Day: September 7, 2011


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. quiet yourself.. quiet the world around you and listen ..

The trees are whispering among themselves… it’s nearly that time again for them to take their rest. It’s been a long hot summer and they have survived once again… so now they find some time to relax and let down their hair as leaves gently fall toward the ground. A heavy sigh and it’s nap time once again for the trees, the flowers and even some of our four legged friends.

This weekend while I was taking breaks from working on my newest stained glass projects… I would quite easily lose track of time starring outside my window .. watching the birds and the squirrels prepare for the cooler weather on its way.. leaves fell from the trees like a gentle rain and my back yard now looks a lot like a patchwork quilt with colorful patches of leaves blanketing the ground.

What a beautiful sight! Many may have looked out that window and said.. oh great now I have to rake.. but not me.. I just thought .. How Beautiful! Thank you Creator for the gift!

Make sure you take some time from your days to enjoy nature. Enjoy life. Enjoy just being.

It does the mind and  body good to rest. We need that down time to recharge and refuel.

What is life without the time to enjoy it?

Many Blessings,